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Cyclist & Runners Anonymous

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Aug 2012
9:04am, 3 Aug 2012
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The Pilotlight
icklevee I have very poor core (nobody start on the techy stuff about what is core please!) and I had 7 months + out with prolapsed disc and sever sciatica over the winter. Physio and houseboss (she knows everything!) put it down to poor muscular structure type thingy in my back, shoulder and stomach. I now do weights, some pilates stuff. I'm that poor I could not even do a simple pilates session.

it's not about being strong and muscular, but strengthening those little insignificant muscles that keep us in good posture. pilates and yoga the way to go.
Aug 2012
9:58am, 3 Aug 2012
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Hi icklevee

I had a forced lay off in mid 2008 after a fall. Was in some pain for several months and needed physio to recover. Then developed rheumatoid-type arthritis as a result of the fall and I struggled to run without pain. I was only 38 when this happened and was thoroughly miserable and quite down and feeling sorry for myself. My physio took me through some stretches and core exercises and I felt the benefit of doing them over a few weeks. Try and think positively and work on other aspects. Treat the month like it's holiday and a time to focus on building strength elsewhere - you may come back better as a result! :-)
Aug 2012
8:49pm, 3 Aug 2012
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Sorry to hear your news icklevee. Swimming is not as bad as you think - I seem to swim about twice as much as I run and running is supposed to be my thing... As a bonus, you get to lie down while you are doing it ;-) Sorting the house out makes you feel better too!
Aug 2012
10:37pm, 3 Aug 2012
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Pilotlight, what is "houseboss" that other half? Sorry not heard that term before...haha. I have an injury to my lower back from a few years ago and irrepairable damage caused to one of my facet joints. I started the running and cycling, because as long as I keep fit and mobile it doesn't ache so much. As soon as I sit around too much, it starts to play up too.

The idea of Pilates doesn't float my boat, as I am probably the least flexible person going.

Mushroom, did your arthritis improve and were you able to go back to running and other CV type exercise? The thought of being told "thats it never again" is not words I ever want someone to tell me. Am hoping the physio gets in contact with me asap as want to get started on road to recovery.
Cyclops, I always ran, and only took cycling up as a means to keep fitness up and cross train when injured, but then got the bug for that too, so now I can't do that either....for the time being :-(

Maybe I may get into swimming too............if I can pluck up courage to don a swimsuit & dip my toe in the pool...................
Aug 2012
2:16am, 4 Aug 2012
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It took 6 months of physio to help the original swelling from the fall, then whilst that was improving the arthritis came to the fore. Took another 6 months of seeing Rheumatologist and using drugs to bring the pain down. I put 20lbs of weight on over that year because I wasn't able to do much CV exercise and feeling sorry for myself! I now run more than I ever have, 4-5 times pw, and free from pain. I look back on the exercises given by the physio as being useful - it was a forced period of stretches, pilates-type core work, and I did manage some swimming. It's not normally my thing but I felt better for it - I could also feel the swelling reducing and the aches and pains disappearing.

But this isn't about me! :-) A month away from running isn't going to impact your fitness too much. Many marathon runners leave a few weeks after a race before getting back into training so try and be creative with your training and maybe mix it up a bit with some new exercises. You'll soon get through the layoff and back to running.
Aug 2012
4:22pm, 5 Aug 2012
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Hey mushroom, have already put on 4lbs just in a few days, and am cutting carbs down big time. Took months and months to shift the weight, then last couple of years trying to keep it off. I really do hope that it is only a month. The tabs are helping now - not limping any more and can only just feel a twinge in hip when I get up from sitting for a while.

I do hope beyond hope, that I am not off that long, as don't think I could cope with that. It is very encouraging though that you are in better form now. What happened to the arthritis? Is it controlled by tablets or has it been overcome?

Did plan on hitting the gym today, but the pesky olympics............try to catch up on all the track events from yesterday and cycling from yesterday & today......not so good for my tum & butt though sat down doing nowt but shouting at the tv all day
Aug 2012
7:06pm, 8 Aug 2012
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Hi icklevee

The Olympics are certainly addictive - just try not to eat chocolate ice-cream or crisps whilst sitting watching them, at least not for every night..!

My arthritis is still with me. It is controlled by medication, though a fairly low dosage. I'm a great believer in trying to help me help myself so I want to get out and run to keep the joints, lungs and heart ticking over. As much as I was depressed when diagnosed and still painful, a lot of it was because I couldn't exercise and couldn't help myself, so as things improved and I could run without pain I was keen to get back out and train.

It's now been over a week since you started this topic so you're well on the way through the month lay-off! Just keep things ticking over and you'll be okay.
Aug 2012
9:48am, 10 Aug 2012
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Thank you so much Mushroom. I am certainly counting down the days and chased up the physio - appointment booked for next Tue (coz of work getting in the way). Glad gone private as found out waiting list was 16wks average!!!! Just waiting for xray appointment now.

I now have my weights bench etc in the living room and dining table in the garage. Was not as bad as thought working out in front of tv, but not the same as the buzz from running/cycling. Protein diet is helping. 2lbs of gain has gone.

I really do hope I can become more positive. Sitting on the side lines while my club members are out there running is frustrating but they are so supportive. Have also had liquid glucosamine, and oesteoguard tabs arrived so hopefully they should help a bit too..........everything crossed.

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