Back and nerve pain

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Mar 2013
5:02pm, 27 Mar 2013
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Miss Piggy Wiggy
I would like a runners opinion on this if anyone else has uad similar back problems.

In January I hurt my back after lifting and twisting badly. The doctor I saw prescribed cocodamol and rest for at least two weeks from running and warned ke back injuries take a long time to heal

I didnt take the pain killers as they made me sleepy and started back running after three weeks with no pain just a dull ache the mornings after.

I built the running back up to three times a week but Sunday after a run on Saturday morning what I now know is a nerve pain started feom my hip/bum check area shooting down my leg. Monday the pain was so bad I was nearly sick with it. The doctor understood I couldnt take previous tabs and gave me ibru and paracetamol to take and advised me to see a physio alone which would be fantastic but frowns on me running.

I would live to keep running and deep down dont really believe that running has caused this or makes it worse but would like some opinions please

I saw and they think one of my discs is bulging and pushing into my nerve hense the shooting pain. Now he thinks this can be resolved through physio
Mar 2013
8:35pm, 27 Mar 2013
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Disc prolapse probably isn't caused by running, though its not hard to see how running could irritate the nerve root even more once it has happened. There is a lot of inter-individual variability in this, and if running doesn't cause any pain, either during or after, then it wont be doing any harm. Running will strengthen your back muscles and help with weight loss (which may or may not be an issue for you), both if which could help.
Physio is first line therapy for all but the most severe of cases.
Mar 2013
8:47pm, 27 Mar 2013
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Johnnys right, I was told to take up running to help with my back pain.

What I do use as well is an inversion table, IMHO it works wonders for a prolapsed disc.

Whenever I feel my back giving me problems I use that a few times & i'm sorted.
Mar 2013
9:18pm, 27 Mar 2013
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plodding hippo
Find a physio who supports your running
Do your core work
I have no feeling in my left leg from a slipped disc at L4/L5 a few years ago
was agony at the time
In some cases which are perssitent an op *may* help though I would avoid if at all possible
Disc issues are ten a penny, and not caused by running per se
Mar 2013
11:12pm, 27 Mar 2013
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I've got a crocked back with bulging discs pressing on nerves ("facet joint disease") - I opted for facet joint injections in the end, basically steroids to relieve the pain, and have been fine ever since. I used to get the pain shooting down the right side of my upper leg & couldn't sleep beyond about 4am as it was worse when lying down. My consultant was absolutely fine with me running but emphasised that I need to look after myself with core work & stretching.

Could yours be piriformis syndrome? I developed that too (before I started running) - your piriformis muscle in your butt irritates your sciatic nerve. That was the worst pain I've ever had in my life (including unmedicated childbirth) - literally didn't sit down for a week because that set it off.
Mar 2013
11:30pm, 27 Mar 2013
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Yeah - see a physio.

I had sciatica (muscular induced rather than skeletal) about 10 years ago. Saw a physio on the NHS and amazing he fixed me in pretty much 3 weeks. He encouraged me to walk and when I could stand it run to strengthen the muscles tht support my back.
Mar 2013
10:29am, 29 Mar 2013
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Miss Piggy Wiggy
Interesting reading thank u. Ogee what is that contraption that u speak of.
Jun 2016
10:50am, 23 Jun 2016
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I thought I'd resurrect a back pain thread as I have back (and leg) pain...

I've had this off and on since about 2009, but it is quite bad this time. It is a sciatica type thing with pain through buttock, down leg and tingling foot. The worst pain is when sitting, and especially in a car. In fact the problem seems to have been caused by bad posture sitting at desk followed by long car journey up to Skye.

I plan to go back to my preferred physio when I can sit in the car long enough to get there; anybody got suggestions in the meantime?
Jun 2016
4:33pm, 23 Jun 2016
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I sometimes get a similar pain.
I have found that the core exercise stuff helps a little.
Also found (to my surprise) that focusing on upper back posture by drawing the shoulder blades together when sitting and standing seems to help with SI/buttock pain.
Not sure why this works, but hey hoo

All the best with it Jacdaw:-)

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I would like a runners opinion on this if anyone else has uad similar back problems.

In January I...

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