Most Popular Shoes 2018

Find out which brands came out on top, and which models were most popular

We've put together the ten most popular shoe brands and our top fifty shoe models of 2018, based on data from the Fetch Kit Bag. Are your daps in our list?

10. Salomon

Holding firm in tenth place for the last four years, Salomon pick up 3% of the market, and hold off competition from on, altra, Puma and Kalenji. The Salomon Speedcross is by far their most popular model. Keep reading to find out where it places in our top fifty shoe models.

9. inov-8

Dropping a place from last year, and down from a giddy 7th at their peak in 2016, inov-8 are still comfortably above Salomon, with 6% of Fetchies owning a pair. Roclites are hugely popular, but their combined road shoe variants are second, suggesting a popularity beyond the mud, rocks and trails that gave these shoes their rugged reputation.

8. New Balance

A minor resurgence for New Balance this year, trading places with inov-8, but still a little short of the 7th place they achieved in 2013. They account for just under 7% of the Fetch market. The most popular model is the 1080, followed by the 860. New Balance are fans of numbering their shoe models using a scheme I’ve never quite understood, so it’s nice to see them hopefully breaking away from that with the Zante as their next most popular.

7. Mizuno

A fall of one place from previous years, Mizuno are the shoe of choice for just over 7% of Fetchies. Their naming scheme seems to be very mystical, with the Wave Inspire and Wave Rider by far the most popular models, with the Wave Ultima and Wave Alchemy conjuring up images of undersea wizardry.

6. Hoka One One

The only brand to break into the top ten in the last six years, Hoka One One ousted Vivobarefoot to take the tenth spot in 2013, and continue to pick off the competition. Rising to sixth this year with over 9% of our audience owning a pair. The most popular variant is the Clifton, followed by the Challenger and Speedgoat. Naming a shoe after a goat is a classy thing to do.

5. Adidas

Enter the first of the household name brands - Adidas have had a bit of a quiet time in 2018, falling from a high of 3rd, and dropping below 10% of the Fetch market share for the first time. Their galactic Ultraboost and Supernova models lead the way, followed by the Adizero Adios. Rumours of the Adizero Toodle-pip are as yet unconfirmed.

4. Nike

Another titan in the sports brand world, Nike have had a decent year, climbing one spot from 5th, and taking their share back above 10% for the first time since 2015. Nike seem keen to cram lots of brand info into their shoe names, with the quad-barrelled Nike Air Zoom Pegasus their top performer. But naming your shoes after a flying horse is a good move.

3. Saucony

Another very consistent showing for Saucony, who have hit 12% of Fetch market share every year since our kit bag held its first sweaty pair! The drop in share from Adidas helps them move up from fourth to third this year. With a much more straightforward naming scheme, the Guide is the most popular model, followed by Ride and Triumph - yet perhaps because they have seven shoes in our top 50 models, they don't make the top 10.

2. Brooks

Second place since forever, Brooks have been steadily increasing their share, serving more than 15% of Fetchies this year. A great reputation, but are they always destined to be the bridesmaid? With model names that make me sit on the edge of my seat just by reading them, their most popular variant is the Adrenaline, followed by Ghost, Launch, Glycerin and Ravenna.


It may not come as a surprise to see ASICS as the gold standard amongst runners. More than one in five Fetchies choose them as their favourite shoe. There are signs that their lead may be nibbled away a little, as their Fetch market share has dropped from 26% in 2012 to just 21% this year. Their most popular models are an interesting mixture of clouds (GEL-Cumulus and GEL-Nimbus), and what sound like cars driven by people with mullets (GT-2000 and GT-1000).

Top 50 Shoe Models

We've also compiled a list of the most popular shoe models, just for fun. Scroll down to see who gets the crown! Click any shoe model to follow our affiliate link to Amazon UK. We get a little kickback from anything you buy on Amazon after following one of our links.

Pos Manufacturer Model
50Hoka One OneBondi
48NikeZoom Fly
47SalomonXA Pro
45Hoka One OneArahi
44SalomonXR Crossmax
43ASICSGel-DS Trainer
39NikeAir Zoom Vomero
38New Balance860
37SauconyOmni ISO
33NikeAir Zoom Structure
31Hoka One OneSpeedgoat
30Hoka One OneChallenger
29New Balance1080
26AdidasAdizero Boston
25SauconyTriumph ISO
21SauconyRide ISO
18Adidasadizero adios
17SauconyGuide ISO
9MizunoWave Rider
7MizunoWave Inspire
5Hoka One OneClifton
4NikeAir Zoom Pegasus

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  • I guessed 9 out of 10. Seems Dunlop Green Flash didn't make the list.
  • Green Flash. :) Now there's a blast from the past! We were issued a pair of those when we started basic training and really felt like they were spoiling us.
  • Hokas Speedgoat shoe name comes from the nickname of ultra runner Karl Melzter - aka Speedgoat Karl
  • And no Hi-Tec Silver Shadow either. Surprised at the popularity of the clown shoes. NB used to have a logical numbering system (which was even explained somewhere) but seem to have half-abandoned it.
  • Yeah, New Balance's naming convention is bizarre. For anyone interested, it used to be that the first number indicated how premium/higher quality the shoe was and the second number indicated level of stability. So 4 entry level and 10 top quality. 40 heavy stability and 80 neutral.

    So 1080 is a top end offering for a neutral shoe. That said, things like the racing and minimal shoes (1400 and MR10) don't fit into that mould, any as mentioned they're trying to switch to words now where possible.
  • What's the underlying stat being used? Is it numbers of shoes added to kit bag this year? If so how does that compare to highest mileage shoes this year?
  • Speedgoat?
  • Any chance you could do analysis banded by WAVA, or even race times? This may be related to BanjoBox's suggestion of relating it to mileage.
  • The tables look at the number of pairs of shoes added to the Fetch Kit Bag, so it doesn't take mileage into account. I did do an article a few years back which looked at the retirement age for shoes:
  • I didnt even know Fetch had a kit bag!!
  • I would absolutely buy a shoe called a Toodle-pip.
  • I know, right :-)
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