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Elderly parents or relatives to care for and/or worry about? This is the place for you.

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9:40pm, 16 Jan 2018
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Oh no DBG that's awful :-(. I hope Santander reimburse the stolen money.

At least my mum 'only' lost £300 once when some bloke knocked at her door looking for gardening work. He claimed he needed a chainsaw and offered to go and buy one for her 'to save her the faff of going to B&Q herself.' She gave him £300 cash and of course that was the last she ever saw of him. She didn't tell me for weeks, because she knew she'd done a stupid thing, and refused to report it to the police.
9:49pm, 16 Jan 2018
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Santander have really tightened up security recently (they froze our account when we transferred an unusually large sum and questioned me intensely when I withdrew cash for the same job) so maybe they’re being targeted. Disappointed to hear how unhelpful they’re being this this case though DBG. I do worry about my Mum being scammed (she narrowly escaped one previously) as she is not good with money.
9:56pm, 16 Jan 2018
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The sad fact is that banks block a massive amount of fraud attempts, often without the account holder ever bring aware, unfortunately it's the cases where they aren't stopped - apparently without any fault bar possible foolishness on the part of the victim- that we hear and talk about.

In some cases they go above and beyond, for example calling police into a branch where a vulnerable customer appears to be attempting to withdraw cash or make a funds transfer in suspicious circumstances. And then discovering the victim has gone home and tried to make the transfer via online banking. Which if they're lucky has already been suspended by the bank...
9:59pm, 16 Jan 2018
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That's absolutely terrible DBG :-( Makes me glad that my MiL only has access to an account which we put money in for her.
10:48pm, 16 Jan 2018
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Frag, we chatted to the registrar and she said they had created extra appointments this year to avoid people having to wait to register. Last January people were waiting 9 days.
10:51pm, 16 Jan 2018
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My Mum won't have anything to do with computers or the internet, so at least that's one area she's not likely to have problems with. She was always the one who took care of the money, and worked as a wages clerk - she's still very good at it.

Santander are weird. They stopped OH from buying a new laptop from Amazon before Christmas, because they thought it was too unusual for him (despite the fact that he's a total techie and is always buying gadgets), but they allowed a scammer to use his card details to buy $2,000 of Jimmy Choo shoes and various other things in New York. Fortunately they've refunded all the missing cash.
10:53pm, 16 Jan 2018
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Just had a message that they've upped my mum's Ketamine from 100mg to 150mg today, hopefully I will get out to see her tomorrow.

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I thought I'd start a thread, as lots of us have elderly folks that we worry about/care for.

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