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Elderly parents or relatives to care for and/or worry about? This is the place for you.

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14 Nov
4:58pm, 14 Nov 2017
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Little Miss Happy
95 is good going LD - I wouldn't have guessed that your mother was that old from the things you describe. Sorry if I caused any offence - you too Helegant - I guess the dementia thing is prominent for me at the minute with my FiL so I automatically default to that.
14 Nov
5:05pm, 14 Nov 2017
20392 posts
Gosh no, no offence even thought about LMH!
14 Nov
11:14pm, 14 Nov 2017
5276 posts
Likewise :-) No offence taken at all.
15 Nov
6:08am, 15 Nov 2017
432 posts
Little Miss Happy
Thank you.

About This Thread

I thought I'd start a thread, as lots of us have elderly folks that we worry about/care for.

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