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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Elderly parents or relatives to care for and/or worry about? This is the place for you.

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5:27pm, 13 Dec 2018
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That is probably right H luck

(you will probably find one annoying account that won't talk to you without probate - and from whom you need information before you can apply for probate. In our experience, the way to deal with that is to ignore the account or guess the value (unless obvs. it's a million and you'de be dodging tax ;) )

We had the most trouble with HMRC -be prepared for a series of cheques and or bills and or statements that bear no relation to anything you're told on the 'phone.

Have you got the house insurance sorted into someone else's name?

5:43pm, 13 Dec 2018
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Little Miss Happy
Wow - you have been busy Helegant. Good to hear that you're making so much progress and that you are going to (hopefully) be able to have a bit of downtime over the weekend. There are definitely good people in the world - we just hear more about the bad ones unfortunately.
5:49pm, 13 Dec 2018
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Yeah well done H you've almost caught me up and my sister died back in April! Though that was intestate so a lot of to-and-fro to even get appointed executor. Still waiting on the tax thing...then a new will to write...it'll all be over by (next) christmas perhaps.
5:50pm, 13 Dec 2018
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Well done Helegant. Hopefully it will be a smooth process. Mum, me and my brother are still trudging on and Dad died last December. Solicitors have not really helped!
6:10pm, 13 Dec 2018
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Ha! Because I can’t drive to my Mum’s at the moment, I did an online shop for her that was delivered this afternoon. It was all the normal stuff she has from normal shop. Soon afterwards she rang me.

“I didn’t want all this stuff, all I wanted was a Christmas Dinner, I told you that. And it’s not from Sainsbury’s!”

I just about stopped her hanging up to explain that:

a) it was nearly 2 weeks until Christmas and this was to keep her going until then.
b) we’d be coming up before Christmas and would bring her Christmas dinner.
c) I always get her shopping from Tesco as it’s out nearest supermarket.

I didn’t bother mentioning that she’d not said a word to me about getting her ‘a Christmas dinner’ before today.

She apologised, but didn’t sound sorry, then hung up.

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About This Thread

I thought I'd start a thread, as lots of us have elderly folks that we worry about/care for.

Useful info for after someone dies here (with thanks to grast_girl)

Other useful links



Also: After someone dies, if their home insurance was only in their name, sadly the cover becomes void. But if the policy was in joint names, it will still cover the surviving policyholder (though the names on the policy will need to be updated).

A useful book of exercises for memory loss and dementia