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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone


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8:49am, 15 Feb 2019
1843 posts
I used to think that Ree-Smug seemed like quite a nice chap really, just wrong about pretty much everything.

But the more I thought about it, I realised the things he's wrong about include whether or not all people have the same intrinsic worth and should get to enjoy the same fundamental rights, regardless of factors like how much money their parents had or who they fancy. Which makes him not a very nice person at all, in my book.
9:01am, 15 Feb 2019
21353 posts
Wriggling Snake
You mean to say he is a conservative? Where is the surprise?
9:02am, 15 Feb 2019
21354 posts
Wriggling Snake
Reading back, it is what they always do, pretend and say they are doing one thing, but in fact they are doing the opposite.
9:34am, 15 Feb 2019
2046 posts
Rees Mogg isn't like that because he's a Tory. He's a Tory because it's a convenient peg for his narssistic hat.
10:26am, 15 Feb 2019
6760 posts
Read-Mogg is a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing. He seems mild-mannered, plausible and even like a decent guy. What he really thinks and how he acts however, are very different things.
10:26am, 15 Feb 2019
6761 posts
11:02am, 15 Feb 2019
2047 posts
People like Jacob believe that the rules are for everyone else not for them. They're above all that.

If he did indeed say something that seemed compassionate then it was pure chance.
11:59am, 15 Feb 2019
8364 posts
Apparently Corbyn asked Q after vote loss last night asking TM to detail next steps of her plan.

She wasn't even in the HoC and the Brexit Sec and Chief Whip both declined to answer the Q...

From Ian Dunt on twitter: twitter.com

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