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22 Sep
4:10pm, 22 Sep 2017
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Yes Binks.
By voting for someone else you think it's better for the role, though.
22 Sep
6:39pm, 22 Sep 2017
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I didn't realise the great Florence speech was to be given to a collection of journalists.
22 Sep
7:10pm, 22 Sep 2017
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and given by a AI compiled book of autoquotes from the Theresa May book of cliches.
22 Sep
7:14pm, 22 Sep 2017
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A scene from Yes, Prime Minister.
22 Sep
7:49pm, 22 Sep 2017
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Re Abbot- Yes, her errors are woeful, but she was ill. A different world from the outright lies of Johnson. His lies are all the more appalling since a child of 10 could spot them. He really shows what he thinks of us all. In fact, can anyone explain why Abbot gets a shitload of criticism but the man who has a) been sacked for lying to his party b) sacked for lying in his role as journalist c) likely to have conspired to get another man beaten up, gets fuck all in the way of criticism in the mainstream media?
23 Sep
12:56pm, 23 Sep 2017
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Because of Britain's obsession with "lovable rogues"? (see also the Krays, see also the Great Train Robbers etc etc) If Diane had said what's 350 million between friends, concreted up her opponents in Northern Circular bridges, but been conspicuously nice to her mum, and said it's all a harmless bit of fun, it would have been ok.
23 Sep
1:12pm, 23 Sep 2017
195 posts
I understand the "lovable rogue"/weapons-grade twat infatuation. But then how do we explain why Rees-Mogg (whatever he is, it isn't "lovable" or roguish) gets such an easy ride either. Then again, quite what someone who is Catholic tells himself as a member of a party cuddling up to the DUP must scale epic heights of cognitive dissonance.

In fact, any Brexiteer seems to get an easy ride. All of those on fetch who were in favour of leaving the EU: Are you content with how this process has been handled by the Brexit bunch? As a Remainer, I can see that we could have had an orderly, humane and mutually beneficial departure given an appropriate time-scale and if Davis, May and co had not behaved like complete twats with breath-taking ineptitude, turning the negotiations into a dress rehearsal for jingoistic knobbery.

Seems like the plan is to blame a) the EU (goes without saying) and b) those who voted Remain for "weakening our hand" in the negotiations. Interesting take on cause and effect, but any resemblance between Brexit and conventional logic is purely coincidental.
5:44pm, 24 Sep 2017
7538 posts
Exit polls looking like Merkel will win in Germany.
5:47pm, 24 Sep 2017
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Good to see a country not being as stupid as Britain or America

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