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28 Feb
1:48pm, 28 Feb 2020
3066 posts

I saw that story, hope I would be like that if I was in his position.
28 Feb
2:51pm, 28 Feb 2020
27298 posts
macca 53
Me too DeeGee (through MME or NCL to AMS), MME is 15 minutes away by taxi
28 Feb
3:00pm, 28 Feb 2020
23070 posts
Johnny Blaze
Mrs J - I am not that surprised. I wonder how deep and committed Tory support really is and how much it will take for the country to turn against them? I don't sense that Johnson, Mogg and Gove etc have that many ardent supporters and defenders.

Now they have "Got Brexit Done" - according to them anyway - how long will the honeymoon period last?

I still think he is the worst PM I can recall in terms of ability, workrate, gravitas, knowledge, wisdom, statesmanship, character, principle - you name it - and his cabinet is easily the equal in nastiness and stupidity of anything Thatcher put up, if not worse. If Labour get their shit together they should be able to make a recovery against the clown car of a government we currently have.

Major and Thatcher both got binned and they were much more serious and able politicians than Johnson will ever be - whatever you think of their policies. I still believe that his end will be precipitous and complete.
28 Feb
3:08pm, 28 Feb 2020
6487 posts
I've said it before but .... all political careers end in failure, while we can all look forward to Bojo's demise its likelihood is not really a very interesting question IMO, it's just a matter of when and how.

OTOH the brexit clusterfuck staggers from one disaster to another. It really beggars belief that anyone who is even vaguely aware of what is going on could support it. I'm well beyond outrage and just relieved that I'll probably survive it ok.
28 Feb
3:11pm, 28 Feb 2020
19208 posts
Amusingly Macca, I've just had a look at the timetbale from MME, and the flight departure times are almost identical as HUY. I'm guessing that there are some key flights at those arrival times that they're timed to connect to easily.

Of course, to take the same journey by train from Tees-side International Airport Station would now take infinity hours.
28 Feb
3:44pm, 28 Feb 2020
2600 posts
JB, yes, I have to say that I would take any of the appalling Thatcher governments over this bunch, and that is something I never imagined I would say. At least they had some sense of responsibility, even though I strongly disagreed with their direction. What strikes me as especially reprehensible about the Johnson government is that it will walk us into disaster because it can't be arsed doing anything other than making soundbites for cheers. Actual, responsible, governance is far too difficult (particularly when you're saddled with a core policy which cannot but lead to harmful outcomes).
28 Feb
4:34pm, 28 Feb 2020
27301 posts
macca 53
The so called station at MME is a f****ing disgrace! It’s at least a mile walk along a busy road with no footpath - oh and the trains don’t coincide with the flights!

AMS is really easy to transit through though, apart from the cattle shed that is gate D6 🙈

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