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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone


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8 Nov
10:44pm, 8 Nov 2018
2 posts
And well done everyone!
9 Nov
8:37am, 9 Nov 2018
2765 posts
K5 Gus
mrs s - it was towards end of May that entries opened this year, I think BAM tend to stick to similar timetable for all their events, so plenty of time to forget how bad the weather was, and only remember the good bits ;-)
12 Nov
4:25pm, 12 Nov 2018
503 posts
Metro_Nome, I managed to run most of the downhill section from Glenogle Head down to the bridge as we came into Killin, and then I was a bit bushed. I didn't think anyone would be overtaking me and I knew I'd just missed the 7 hour marker, so to my shame I took it easy down Main Street, run-walking.

So I was frankly a bit miffed (with myself really) when you came past me like SirMo on the final lap. Well done on that finish :-)

Just seen a video of the start. _Andy was leading the entire field!
16 Nov
4:27pm, 16 Nov 2018
10384 posts
Yeah, sorry about that...

I'd just popped into a (no queues whatsoever) portaloo, and when I wandered to the road, found everyone waiting for the start and the countdown was just starting.

Don't worry, I happily jogged along the main strret of Killin, chatting to the people I used to race against. Made sure I'd lost 45 places by the top of that first climb so I could then enjoy the day out.
22 Nov
4:00pm, 22 Nov 2018
4689 posts
Finally got round to writing up my race :)

22 Nov
4:54pm, 22 Nov 2018
384 posts
Good blog M_N

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