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The 'new' Dr Who

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27 Dec
1:31pm, 27 Dec 2017
3043 posts
run free
Chris Chibnall to take over the baton + the introduction of a writer's room.

Here's his comments in a 1986 discussion:
27 Dec
6:44pm, 27 Dec 2017
4000 posts
The Scribbler
They gave the whole cast some lovely lines and I enjoyed the gentle humour. ‘Love hard, run fast, be kind’ could be the motto for this site.

Also looking forward to seeing Jodie and Chris Chibnall in charge. I loved Moffat as a guest writer, but less so when he took over as show runner.
27 Dec
7:55pm, 27 Dec 2017
12106 posts
Indeed, "Blink" and "Forest of the dead" were two of the best ones (and also rejigged the format slightly when Russell T Davies had gone a little stale), but he never managed those heights once he was in the boss chair. Chibnall hasn't been one of my favourite guest writers, hoping though Jodie Whitaker gives him a lot more freedom to experiment and breathe new life. Capaldi was good, but as my 16 year old put it "it was all about how great the doctor was", and the self-mythologising got tiresome.
28 Dec
9:45pm, 28 Dec 2017
32566 posts
Just watched the Christmas ep. Really enjoyed the interplay between the two Doctors. Beautiful how they moved from William Hartnell to David Bradley. As a whole though... rather lacking a villain or much of a plot. Bit more of an excuse for a reminiscathon.

I liked how the regeneration was done - though the Doctor should recognise by now that regenerating in the Tardis does tend to make it explode. Maybe next time, go do it in a desert?
28 Dec
10:06pm, 28 Dec 2017
7351 posts
Valyrian Plastic
It's interesting comparing it to the clip of Hartnell's regeneration in the same episode. A few wibbly effects, a fading transition - DONE!

The episode was too slow and the "Christmas" aspect felt shoehorned in. I'm rather sick of every regeneration being a huge event, especially when teasers for the replacement actor announcements are now a thing. Do they really need to be so public about it?
28 Dec
10:57pm, 28 Dec 2017
12274 posts
JK *chameleon*
I think the problem is that the press are so rabid looking for spoilers, that even if they did try to keep things more private, lots would leak. It's a shame, as I remember feeling shock when Billie showed up in Donna's first 'proper' episode - genuinely surprises are few and far between these days in most shows.
8 Jan
3:42pm, 8 Jan 2018
7363 posts
i know it was a while ago but i just remembered a question i wanted to ask about the xmas edition!

where did the 'good' dalek come from? have i forgotten an episode? Or is it the same dalek that Clara was inside in the asylum?
8 Jan
3:56pm, 8 Jan 2018
2040 posts

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
8 Jan
4:10pm, 8 Jan 2018
9010 posts
That's the one.
9 Jan
9:18am, 9 Jan 2018
7364 posts
thanks for the link - i have no memory of that at all!

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