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The 'new' Dr Who

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24 Jul
2:43pm, 24 Jul 2017
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"I don't suppose either of you is a doctor?"

"You trying to be funny?"

24 Jul
2:44pm, 24 Jul 2017
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it would be good if they did a one off with Paul McGann. I always feel he was short changed as the doctor and had real potential.
24 Jul
4:38pm, 24 Jul 2017
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From the limited exposure that I've had to the William Hartnell episodes, I do like his somewhat officious approach to this time travelling lark. I must see if I can watch more of his episodes.

Christmas episode does look good - big on the return of Bill, but no sightings of Nardole though?

...and RIP Deborah Watling. Played Victoria Waterfield in 1967/8 alongside Patrick Troughton.

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