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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

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13 Nov
6:59pm, 13 Nov 2018
961 posts
Can I encourage you to report winter starling roosts at:


Also, does anyone know of any research on the distances starlings travel to roost (daily, from feeding grounds to roost, not migration)?
15 Nov
8:19am, 15 Nov 2018
27576 posts
Derby Tup
It’s a beautiful morning here. Mild and still. A singing mistle thrush plus a nuthatch were heard along with wren and robin plus titmouse on our walk around what I call the loop # forgetwaxwinglistenoutforchiffssoon
8:38am, 16 Nov 2018
27583 posts
Derby Tup
Great walk with Tuss this morning. Mistle still singing, titmouse everywhere including loads of LTT plus great views of a goldcrest. On way back we saw two deer very close up
8:45am, 16 Nov 2018
2365 posts
FF - similar ridiculously close views of water rail at Middleton. πŸ‘

Hobbies there in the summer too.

Really lovely quiet spot - kinky did an amazing spot of the scaup πŸ‘πŸ‘ like it there very much. Flanker got some fabulous pics of goldfinch and a stonechat.

No pintail spotted though.....
8:46am, 16 Nov 2018
2366 posts
FF - let us know when you’re thinking of heading back there, would be good to meet up if we can.
11:28am, 16 Nov 2018
1540 posts
Song thrush singing its heart out yesterday on my run - haven't heard that for a while.
11:30am, 16 Nov 2018
1148 posts
Will do Phal

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