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23 Sep
4:30pm, 23 Sep 2018
26958 posts
Derby Tup
ff I used to be a member of Derbyshire County Angling Club (what had been a part of the County Council sports and social club), and we had the piscatorial rights at Wolfescote Dale. What a magnificent spot to fish (or walk or watch birds or take photos or run . . .)
23 Sep
5:33pm, 23 Sep 2018
2096 posts
I believe the geese are starting to arrive!
23 Sep
5:40pm, 23 Sep 2018
26960 posts
Derby Tup
Skein of pinks spotted in our area last weekend. I’ve not seen any but I have seen sand martin today (in Devon)
23 Sep
7:35pm, 23 Sep 2018
17881 posts
ff, not sure, picked it up on their twitter feed :-). Despite being up in the Lakes we didn't detour on the way back down. Maybe we'll come and find your one tomorrow on our way back down from Yorkshire :)
23 Sep
11:12pm, 23 Sep 2018
1126 posts
It was still here at lunchtime today according to reports Flanker.

25 Pinkies seen here today too DT.
24 Sep
9:31pm, 24 Sep 2018
1128 posts
DT seems your old manor isn't too friendly towards rare visitors!

"Sad news to report looks like a pike took the grey phalarope in loscoe dam it went under water and never came back up"

7:14am, 25 Sep 2018
26971 posts
Derby Tup
I’m round there with my spinning rod asap 🎣

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