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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Anglesey Marathon

Listed by Notadwarf
, Llangefni LL77 UK
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15 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Generation X Oswestry Olympians 3:51:42 4:01:00 4:01:00 54.46
Glevum Runner Gloucester AAC, Road Runners Club 2:51:30 2:54:52 2:58:00 3:00:36 73.29
hottubalci Wrekin Road Runners 3:59:20 3:59:20 4:10:00
Jogging Jon Wrekin Road Runners 3:44:35 4:24:20 4:52:56 45.18
lizogical Ellesmere Port Running Club 3:58:43 4:00:06 4:06:02 55.04
Malc26.2 Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners 3:06:03 3:26:15 3:26:15 62.06
Marchbanks 100 Marathon Club, Cybi Striders 3:38:02 3:59:17 3:59:17 56.60
Mynx Unaffiliated
Notadwarf Unaffiliated 2:56:11 3:10:45 3:14:00 3:10:45 70.59
roberton FERC 4:50:38 4:51:00 4:45:00 4:51:00 43.10
Shadow 100 Marathon Club, Cybi Striders 3:58:17 4:24:00 4:34:08 56.87
Steve72 FERC 3:05:35 3:10:01 3:10:00 3:10:01 66.01
Watford Wobble Unaffiliated 3:27:46 4:21:53 4:40:00 4:21:53 50.12
woody2run Unaffiliated 3:14:43 3:17:47 3:28:29 68.11
WorkersPlaytime Unaffiliated 3:58:08 4:26:41 4:25:00 4:26:41 50.06

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Watford Wobble
A plod around this to 'bag' my Welsh marathon. Race number 105. Good grief how did that happen? A big, phat PB. Very hilly and warm in the first half. Stomach cramps from mile 22 onwards. No blisters or chaffing.

212 marathon runners / 151st position.
Generation X
Really good day if a little more sunny than would have been ideal. Race to plan until mile 23 when I simply had nothing left to give. Very satisfied with my new pb but still have the elusive 4 hour barrier to break. Maybe next year?
That hurt! hanging on for the last 11 miles wasn't what I planned, but this is still a great, if hard race. Great to meet Watford Wobble who can testify to the size of my blisters. Great run by Gen X too!
Got cramp in right hamstring again in EXACTLY the same place as last year! Had to stop and stretch again, slow down and stop a couple times in last 4 miles. It must be the hills, never had cramp any other time. The hills just kept coming, and very big some of them, a very tough course. Still managed to finish 12 or 13th or something similar I think and got trophy for first male over-35. Lovely weather, scenic course for the most part and friendly local-support. Well organised but not much of a goody bag this year. Incredibly close to my prediction, in fact I never really got cramp just wanted to be right so I pretended! It's a flat marathon for me next year.
First marathon so found it pretty hard of course. But apart from at the drink stations I'm proud to say I didn't stop or walk at all. Went very slowly towards the end, but never actually stopped :-)
Glevum Runner
Tough course. Very undulating and was quite warm on the day.