Windsor Half Marathon

Listed by JPK
  • Rated 74%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (30) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
benshearer Cambridge Harriers 1:08:08 1:28:00 1:28:00 66.34
Beware Of The Fish Datchet Dashers 1:25:15 1:41:48 1:46:48 57.51
chinny_chinn Burnham Joggers 1:33:22 1:39:31 1:39:31 58.67
ck Sandhurst Joggers 1:53:00 1:56:00 2:12:02 53.14
Doug K1664 Unaffiliated 1:44:44 2:10:40 2:10:40 45.42
Flying pig Unaffiliated 1:38:35 1:43:30 1:48:30 53.82
Forest Runner Really enjoyed this despite not being able to get anywhere near my best time as I am marathon training at the moment.

Had a lovely 10 mile cycle ride to get there and a very comfortable race. My legs did ache a bit on the ride home, though. Bracknell Forest Runners 1:30:50 1:37:50 1:37:30 1:37:52 66.57
Ghengis Sub 7.00 minute miles last week couldn't do sub 8.30 this week?? Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 1:26:58 1:42:45 1:39:59 1:53:04 52.78
Ghilington Super Doggy No.1 Unaffiliated 1:53:16 2:17:08
Hoaxster 24 seconds outside my predicted time, rats.  Went really well for 9 miles then found out what all the fuss is about i.e. keeping your act together, staying concentrated whilst navigating around everyone else is hard work.  To be honest, thre were too many people on the track to run properly for a lot of the race.  Ah let the excuse fountain flow.  I'm dissapointed with the time.
I have a PB!!!!! Unaffiliated 1:46:24 1:54:00 2:20:00 2:20:24 41.63
jeremy I now share Paula Radcliffe's heartache from Athens - having trained hard for Windsor after a 2 year (3 stone) lay off, something just went wrong on the day and i pulled up after 5 painful miles. I was well prepared for a circa 2 hours time, had tapered the previous week and was really looking forward to the day - so i was thoroughly miserable afterwards! Strange how much something like that can bring you down.... went out for a 5mile run today (tuesday) to exercise any demons and now focused on Cardiff in a few weeks.

Roll on Unaffiliated 1:43:00 2:10:00
JPK Ran a good time considering it was an afternoon start and it was very hot. Unfortunately this is where I got my injury that took me out of running for nearly a month. Reading Joggers 1:32:45 1:44:58 1:47:23 54.52
Kieren The BIG one!  2005 time was 01:55:18 - my goal is to be half an hour faster for the 2006 event.
*Update - Apart from a few people at the start not wanting to let me get to my pen it was a good race.  Loved the down hills & was able to make up lots of time but weak on the uphills - this is probable reflected on mile times which varied from 6:18mm to 7:27. Met a guy at mile 11 & told him not to let me beat him - which he didn't but we battled each other to the end & took out lots of other runners - that 2 man competition was much needed - amazing how much you can bounce off other people.

**Chip time reported - gun time = 01:32:07 Serpentine RC, Ealing Eagles Running Club 1:31:11 1:31:11 1:25:18 1:31:11 64.03
Leeston Reading Roadrunners 1:55:25 1:55:25 2:15:00 2:18:13 42.24
LeGreg - hes back and he wants reve I've not done nearly as many training miles as I would have wanted (bliddy work keeps getting in the way), and I think I am probably short of one good quality long run. I raced 9k at half-marathon PB pace last Sunday and it felt harder than I would have hoped, but I think I might just about get away with it. I am betting on myself, more to give me additional motivation than because of overwhelming confidence.
UPDATE : not good. Huge PW. Just didn't have the legs. Plenty of learning points involving hills, heat, racing the week before, and more importantly putting some quality long runs in. Unaffiliated 1:35:50 1:52:01 1:49:00 2:04:11 47.14
linsblake Hot and hilly but super chuffed with my time - 30 minutes faster than last year! Unaffiliated 1:56:00 2:05:00 2:20:00 2:05:00 53.36
Lorraine PLease DONOT bet on me...I have not done enough training and as much as I would like to PB here...I am really putting demons to bed
Running 4 Women Club 1:56:12 2:02:08 2:00:00 2:06:08 53.16
matthu Unaffiliated 2:14:59 2:14:59 2:14:00 2:14:59 48.27
nabox Unaffiliated 1:34:56 1:35:12 1:44:59 1:51:42 53.75
Peteb69 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 1:25:21
Puffing Bertie That was hard work.............lovely course though but the hills were defo a killer!
It was great to see Greg, Jeremy and Kieran sorry i didnt see anyone else.
Very hot and I saw 4 people being carted off in ambulances so it shows how tough it was, I do have to admit to walking up a couple of the hills towards the end though, at least I finished on two feet :-) Unaffiliated 1:58:06 2:05:27 2:27:45 46.29
RacingSnake26 Sandhurst Joggers 1:30:08 1:34:18 1:35:52 68.01
Rod the plod Cambridge Harriers 1:17:03 1:40:12 1:40:12 58.27
Rundad Unaffiliated 1:44:30 1:53:47 1:55:00 1:53:47 51.37
ScudULike Unaffiliated 1:48:57 1:54:29 1:54:29 51.41
strider2010 Training didnt go to plan, had a couple of injuries and would say I lost half of my training time, so I was pleased at getting round at all without stopping. FERC 1:59:59 2:19:53 2:10:00 2:19:53 46.98
StringSideUp Very hard going.  Legs felt terrible right away and were made of concrete by halfway.  Hills not bad.  Just not enough training recently to do the distance and enjoy it.  Unaffiliated 2:07:09 2:10:47 2:10:47 54.75
Um Bongo As I am in a week from marathon this was used as a training run. Target time just below 2 hrs but I couldn't resist doing last two miles quickly. Nice race. Sandhurst Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 1:42:48 1:50:13 1:55:00 1:57:58 52.93
vava Wonderful race.  Loved the hills! Running 4 Women Club 2:01:40 2:08:16 2:10:00 2:08:16 51.18
Velociraptor Very hot day; found this race hard work. But knocked almost a minute per mile off my previous PB, helped along by eL Bee's excellent pacing and support :o) I KNEW I could have run faster on a cooler day, though ... Cumberland AC 1:37:44 1:42:24 1:47:49 63.44

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