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Read a book from every year of your life challenge

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10 Jan
9:12pm, 10 Jan 2017
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it sounds a crazy book really tempted checking it out
11 Jan
12:01am, 11 Jan 2017
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Baroness, if you're sticking with Dick Francis I have all of them up to middle 80s at least - can post them down if you promise to return them! I undertook upgrading my father's paperbacks to the hardbacks, and have the originals here as a consequence. Let me know!
11 Jan
9:03am, 11 Jan 2017
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Wow thanks bebop that's an incredibly kind offer. I am quite enjoying the searching at the moment but I suspect there will be one or two that completely elude me and then I may well take you up on that. I would of course look after them and return them - I may even be able to send you some of the later ones too if you were looking to build a complete set?

I'll keep looking and reading those I already have in the meantime but may come back to you in a few weeks if that would be OK? Thank you so much again for offering. :-)
11 Jan
9:10am, 11 Jan 2017
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Fleecing Bells
Ugh, there was a horrid bit in the Piers Paul Read book last night, not for the squeamish! The main character is a psychopath. All very odd though it's still good somehow.
11 Jan
9:56am, 11 Jan 2017
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I've ordered a secondhand copy of Lies, Inc.
11 Jan
10:03am, 11 Jan 2017
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I downloaded The Reproductive System last night. Its a good start
11 Jan
11:55am, 11 Jan 2017
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Read so far:
1953 Casino Royale - Ian Fleming
1954 I was Monty’s Double - M E Clifton-James
1955 The Mouse That Roared - Leonard Wibberley
2016 Night School - Lee Child

Loving this challenge :-)
11 Jan
1:09pm, 11 Jan 2017
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I still haven't started - haven't finished the book I was already reading at Christmas yet :-)
11 Jan
5:41pm, 11 Jan 2017
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No problems, Baroness - I'll check the date of the most recent so you know what's available. Thanks for the offer of the later ones, but my parents have the complete works so I can always borrow one if I want to re-read. :-)
11 Jan
5:47pm, 11 Jan 2017
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Started Simon Of Beaver

It's a bit grim

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The plan to read a book that was first published from each year of your life.
Doesn't matter how long it takes.

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