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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Route Picture of the Day Appreciation Thread

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18 May
7:20pm, 18 May 2019
1621 posts
Of the selection, I love the Barlaston to Moddershall one by Sigh. Despite the wires in the sky, there's more than a hint of the wide-open spaces just over the horizon; just follow that informal path across a field...
19 May
11:36am, 19 May 2019
1275 posts
Another beaut today. Enticing landscape.
19 May
12:59pm, 19 May 2019
16589 posts
Do we get No Hope or Great Hope tomorrow?
19 May
1:00pm, 19 May 2019
1276 posts
Or Bob?
19 May
1:47pm, 19 May 2019
3848 posts
Thanks Oranj! This is the view from the top, looking back (you can see the path in the distance):

...and carrying on you get to here:

19 May
7:10pm, 19 May 2019
1622 posts
Autumnal colours there, nice one Sigh
20 May
8:45am, 20 May 2019
28200 posts
♪♫ Synge ♪♫
Aha! Had to search around to find out what Chrisity's poll was all about - there's no link back to here that I could see!
23 May
8:12am, 23 May 2019
36825 posts
Today's is rather beautiful, McG.
23 May
8:18am, 23 May 2019
39638 posts
Thanks Dio. When I was riffling through my photos assigning photos to routes, I thought I'd throw in a few ultra close ups. I've stuck so many in of fields, woodland etc.
23 May
10:29am, 23 May 2019
472 posts
Gorgeous picture today! Love it!

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