What has Fetch ever done for us? :-)

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Feb 2019
1:21pm, 7 Feb 2019
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monkey toast
Feb 2019
1:23pm, 7 Feb 2019
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Feb 2019
1:36pm, 7 Feb 2019
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Derby Tup
An expanded vocabulary from the Word Association thread (mostly courtesy of swittle)

A ‘streak pb’ of over 130 days after loitering around on the Streaky Bacon thread
Feb 2019
1:39pm, 7 Feb 2019
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macca 53
Fetch Five


* Mick n Phil halfs

* Fetchpoints

* Fetch Wedding Mile

* multiple Fetchie weddings

* spreading the parkrun love

* secret santa thread

* Homer's BIIIG Fetch Mile

* Free Guided Scottish Hill Runs

* Fetch Miles generally

* TBOGUA and depression threads

* Fetchpoint, Conquercise, Betting, Pundit, UTMOST and other games that make us go further and faster

* Fundraising for those in need

* International race support

*an incredible community, spread nationally

* A more up to date list of races than anywhere else!

* great place to log my training and results that I can refer back to and see improvement!

* A forum where posting "welcome to Fetch" and the 100 posts rule for newbies just happened spontaneously, because that's what the community here is like

* My go-to for analysis tools to compare my training for one race with past ones

* pesterers and lazybones concept.

* I bet GH doesn't have Sharktopus like wot the 700 thread has

* A banner I aligned myself to when dithering some years back about this running lark, B.P (Before Parkrun), and well before clubbery.

* (*) (*), Monkey toast, Prague and other Fetch-isms

* Fleecy, CStar

* Nellers running when he didn't fancy it (and his non-beard) - I've summarised a bit mate, hope that's OK

* Running through the Bog of Doom with a bunch of Elvii.

* Meeting all sorts of like minded running mad people!

* Meeting actual, alive other runners who live near you and you can go running with (except the axe-murdering ones).

* a tastefully coloured running shirt (I think that might need a winky ;-) )

* A website we can productively use to fill time at work when we're bored off our ar$es, that isn't blocked by company filters

* I can't imagine being part of any other sort of running community as I'm not really very athletic generally and would feel intimidated. And I tried other ones and gave up.

* It got me to start logging my training, which I could never be arsed to do before, and carry on logging it even after my Garmin died and I didn't replace it.

* The site that recognises *your* best is as valid an achievement as anybody else’s and will be recognised as such, regardless of time, distance or placing.

* Santa’s 10 at 10
Feb 2019
1:59pm, 7 Feb 2019
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Lol at Santa's 10 at 10. That's been about 7 years since Santa ran that thread. And several years since she's posted in here, I think? Still logs her training and races though? Or maybe not even that? :-) G
Feb 2019
2:03pm, 7 Feb 2019
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Derby Tup
Definitely TBOGUA tea
Feb 2019
2:11pm, 7 Feb 2019
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Cheers DT! tea porkpie apple :-) G
Feb 2019
2:15pm, 7 Feb 2019
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Derby Tup

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