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Resistance/core training with weights

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Aug 2016
9:08pm, 11 Aug 2016
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old mum
Does anyone know of decent books/online resources on core strength and resistance work? I'm not looking to be the next Olympic weightlifter, just to improve core stability/strength and maintain the tone I've built at work (I generally work 20-35 x 10kg crates, stacked between 7ft and ground height).

Probably more stacked towards concentrating on the core, but would welcome anything that combines stability with resistance.
Aug 2016
11:13pm, 11 Aug 2016
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In my opinion the barbell squat with bodyweight or more is the best core exercise you can do. It works all of the core, back, hips as the whole trunk has to work to stablise the weight. It's also great for hamstrings. Add some pull-ups and you have a pretty good core circuit. Icing on the cake is probably some yoga to stretch everything out.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe is a good book with 58 pages on squat alone.


Or you can gleam quite a lot from youtube videos he is in:


Aug 2016
11:17pm, 11 Aug 2016
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You could always join us on the Ladies Who Lift thread, old mum. :-) lots of shared info and experiences there.

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Does anyone know of decent books/online resources on core strength and resistance work? I'm not lo...

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