Niggling ankle

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Apr 2019
6:06am, 11 Apr 2019
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Little Critter
I started running in September last year but had to stop after a couple of months because of pain on the outside of my ankle. When I had it looked at by a sports therapist he said it was a strain. It’s had a good long rest and I started running again 3 weeks ago. I’ve been building up more slowly this time, I’m doing my stretches and I bought some new shoes (from a running shop to check fit etc)
Last night after a short run I could feel mild discomfort in that ankle again.

Is there anything else I can do to prevent another enforced halt to my running?
Apr 2019
9:23am, 11 Apr 2019
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K5 Gus
It's difficult for anyone to know what the real problem is from what you've said.

Have you had previous ankle problems from other sports, eg I've torn ankle ligaments from football when I was younger, so one ankle is always a bit weaker than the other, and more likely to twist it if I land awkwardly.

If it's the ligaments that are weak you could try a couple of things :

a) try and build up the strength in the ankle, using a wobble board ( or balance board ), they are quite cheap to buy ( eg Decathlon £15 ) or a lot of gyms will have them. Youtube it if you don't know what they are

b) in the short term you could give additional help to the ankle with some sort of compression ankle support bandage. You need to make sure you get the right size with these, too loose and they are not giving any support, too tight and they can be uncomfortable and difficult to get on and off. They come in sizes with guidelines as to which part of the foot/ankle to measure.

If it's not weak ligaments then hopefully someone else can advise, or you may need to visit a sports physio.

Good luck !
Apr 2019
10:47am, 11 Apr 2019
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Little Critter
No previous injuries. The first issue I had was when I started running last year.
I ignored it last time and ran through it for a couple of weeks. This time I'm going to take notice and be careful.
Apr 2019
10:34pm, 11 Apr 2019
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It might be worth starting back using the Couch to 5k programme which builds you up gradually starting with run/walk. That might give your ankle more of a chance to strengthen up as you work through it without overdoing it.
Apr 2019
10:17am, 12 Apr 2019
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After breaking my ankle in January, I use a wobble board, a 30 degree wooden board to stretch (as my range of motion was significantly less on one ankle), some calf stretches and one leg raises and one leg balancing exercises- all seems to be getting stronger. Would the sports therapist/ physio give you some guidance? All the best with it.

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