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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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21 Oct
9:30pm, 21 Oct 2017
179 posts
I'm with Meglet. First one gets my vote, second one seemed to be trying too hard
21 Oct
9:45pm, 21 Oct 2017
20368 posts
Red Squirrel
First one sounds lush as they say in Brizzle
Perfect for ..... me! Except far too tall.
21 Oct
11:08pm, 21 Oct 2017
69309 posts
My preference is for the first one too. Yes, pretentious, sort of... Then again, I wanted to call myself Beatrice and my tag line is: Nel Mezzo del Cammin... You need to know your Divine Comedy to get that one ;-) At least they seem to know how to write and communicate, considering the amount of messages that is drifting in...

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