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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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16 Jan
6:58pm, 16 Jan 2019
19990 posts
I've been for a coffee and a catchup with my friend who 'stole' the guy I was interested in. We didn't chat about him much but I found it was ok when we did. The person who is most upset is her recent ex, and the guys in the club have been stirring and gossiping.

It seems fairly serious for something so early, they've booked a holiday in two months time. So time for me to put it behind me and move on.
16 Jan
7:07pm, 16 Jan 2019
70251 posts
I just hope it doesn't end in tears for her...
16 Jan
8:54pm, 16 Jan 2019
19992 posts
I think she’s quite cautious as she’s been out with some real knobs, she’s still looking for the catch.

He gave me very mixed messages, all very positive in person but very cold by text. I wonder if she’s a better prospect as she’s much younger than me and neither of them have kids.

Anyway, I’m getting over it. It wasn’t my choice to make after all and I’d still like them both as friends.

Dating site is a disaster, I’ve sent several messages and had no replies.
9:39am, 17 Jan 2019
3183 posts
I think I'd quite happily stay single if I had a few more friends and a bit of a social life.

I'm actually dating and I still feel bored and isolated as my really good friends live 1. in another country and 2. 120 miles away. I Just want one or two people I could call on to go to the cinema, for a walk, out for coffee etc
12:42pm, 17 Jan 2019
27383 posts
Booking a holiday at this early stage does not seem cautious to me Meg. I guess there is nowt else you can do but move on.
12:44pm, 17 Jan 2019
19995 posts
Not doing great with that at the moment! Have sent 8 message on the dating site and nobody has replied. One of them had a very long profile with very specific likes/dislikes, but he basically described me, and he sounded like he ticked all my boxes too. Not even a reply from him!
12:57pm, 17 Jan 2019
10082 posts
strange that none should reply Meg! You've not inadvertently got some kinda block on have you? Can you see if they've looked at you?
1:23pm, 17 Jan 2019
19998 posts
There's no block (its POF). I can't see if they've looked but I know most of them have been online either at the time or more recently. Actually one replied but he didn't really engage and after a few messages he stopped replying.
I've had a fair few messages sent to me, but mostly people far outside my distance limit, or with profiles I don't find attractive. Even the few I've replied to have fizzled out.

I'll be giving up again soon!

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