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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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22 Jun
12:56pm, 22 Jun 2017
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Red Squirrel
Hi Haggis.

No-one is permanently on the floor above. There are 3 regular occasional hot-deskers, lecture theatre and common room for breaks. Wing at the top is covered by one warden but they have a lot of small offices to cover (and loos).

I'll push for warden and deputy not just on this floor but the top one.

The middle floor's a difficult one.
22 Jun
8:59pm, 22 Jun 2017
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Third date went really well. I managed dinner with no issues and then we went a wee walk just before the rain started ☺️
23 Jun
2:40pm, 23 Jun 2017
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Red Squirrel
Way-hay. Any snoggage?
23 Jun
3:21pm, 23 Jun 2017
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