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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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9:30am, 14 Nov 2018
70200 posts
I am about to get on my bike and cycle 10 kms to pick up my 'new' car. I am extraordinarily nervous about it all, as I have never spent this much money! I have borrowed it back from my paid off bit of mortgage for now, but I am using some money from my parent's modest inheritance for it, when it comes.

I broke down 6 times in the old gardening van this year and had become VERY anxious going anywhere but locally. Sunday last week, I broke down on my way to a friend about an hours drive from home. I had a nightmare with the RAC, an ongoing saga, as some of their staff seems to have a ploy going to swindle NFU mutual clients out of £150, and wasn't actually home until 4 pm on Monday. It left me frazzled and very ill. Lyme took over and I was unable to work almost all of last week. Standing on a roadside, in cold, wind, rain, being bullied over a phone that is rapidly running out of battery isn't good for ones health, physical or mental!

So to cut a long story short:

second hand reliable vans don't exist
new ones are too expensive
an estate car or small SUV isn't going to work for the gardening
I have decided to keep the old van going JUST for the gardening, all very local and my lovely garage will come rescue me if need be heart
I have bought a Skoda Fabia estate car with a very frugal, economical, environmentally friendly petrol engine, 3 years old, only 4000 miles on the clock. For yoga teaching and everything else. At last I will be comfortable going to see friends, go for weekends away etc not done that in many many years!

Word of mouth!!! Lovely elderly couple who used to support the arts centre. He bought the car new, used it for a year, had a stroke and cannot drive any more. They are giving me a price £1000 below market value, because it is me! Still, a shitload of money! But a good use of part of my inheritance.

And for the first time in my life, my bike is no longer worth more than my car ;)
9:34am, 14 Nov 2018
19773 posts
Happy new car day Hann! You’ll love having a newer, reliable car, I’m sure.
9:37am, 14 Nov 2018
9945 posts
you get so much peace of mind from a new car!
9:57am, 14 Nov 2018
5718 posts
Happier news there SE bet your glad to be home.
Good luck with the new car Hann. I replaced my old car in the summer as it had got unreliable. Had a few stressful moments but 160k on the clock so it had done me well.
Replacement is just a newer version and a good drive.
Though not sure if enjoy driving that much these days anyway. Roads are so busy round here, so I still prefer walking or getting the bus.
Sex, well could happen at anytime. I guess it’s just about enjoying being single but I do miss it at times.

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