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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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4 Jan
7:43am, 4 Jan 2018
24820 posts
Do we know how her mum is?
4 Jan
1:14pm, 4 Jan 2018
17436 posts
Steady Edina
Mum ended up spending New Year in hospital with another chest infection. However she is back in the home now. A social worker came to see her this morning about getting her rehomed in more suitable accomodation so fingers crossed for that.
4 Jan
4:19pm, 4 Jan 2018
69835 posts
Not good, these poorly mothers. Mine spent xmas with my sister. I was here as she had said she didn't want to see me, then kept asking where I was :-O she is at home but gets care 3x a day and twice a week the cleaner comes and takes her shopping etc. She ahould really be in a home, but refuses and denies how difficult it is. We fear she will have another fall and that will be the end of her :-( but it is her life, her choice...
4 Jan
5:24pm, 4 Jan 2018
17437 posts
Steady Edina
Mum isn’t really that old and although she has had a couple of falls recently she was well able to do her own shopping etc. Her present flat is becoming two big for her to manage. Its on the first floor and the stairs are dark, narrow and steep. She actually fell down them trying to get her shopping trolley up the stairs. She still wants to live independently but with a bit more support
4 Jan
7:53pm, 4 Jan 2018
24825 posts
Hann - my grandad was the same. Carers 3 x a day and a cleaner. He didn't want to lose his independence but living in a small rural village he was going out in the car to get his shopping. At 87 and quite frail he should not have been driving imho.

Glad your mum is home SE. I fear that as soon as I can stop worrying about QP I will have to start worrying about my parents.
4 Jan
8:03pm, 4 Jan 2018
17439 posts
Steady Edina
HP my mum is not home yet she is staying in a Care home for rehab and we are hoping that she will be rehomed to a smaller place preferably on the ground floor or at least with a lift
4 Jan
8:18pm, 4 Jan 2018
24827 posts
Sorry I assumed from the first post that 'the home' was 'home'. It's good they are looking into more appropriate options.

I had a day out in the hills today. Climbed a corbett and another summit in ice and snow. Challenging but very satisfying.
5 Jan
12:46pm, 5 Jan 2018
5605 posts
Must have been beautiful with the snow on the hills HP. Are you ok with navigation and all that?

Takes me back to my walking near Loch Lomond last year, did wonder what it would be like with snow.

Planning a walk on the South Downs on Sunday. Weather is looking good, no snow, but plenty of mud possibly :-)
5 Jan
12:55pm, 5 Jan 2018
24833 posts
My navigation is questionable, which is why we went with friends. Both experienced. He has been a mountain rescue volunteer for 20+ years. I felt I was in safe hands.
6 Jan
7:09pm, 6 Jan 2018
17444 posts
Steady Edina
I suppose the challenge of navigation in the snow are that all the features look the same

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