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Who are all the single Fetchies!!

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3:20pm, 22 Aug 2017
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Yeah, getting a good balance. We've split the childcare 50/50 and I've got a little flat about a mile from 'home'. Its working out better than expected for the kids.

I will report back. A bit scared, as its been 21 years since I last went on a date!!
6:41pm, 22 Aug 2017
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I am decidedly nervous about my 'date' . Last time I had one is almost 4 years ago... It is weird, because I wasn't intending to get single again and then I didn't intend to date again. A celibate life suits me. But Interesting Man soubds, well, interesting :-)
6:47pm, 22 Aug 2017
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Steady Edina
I am just recalling the first time I met covey but it was years ago and we were all drunk but I can not imagine a shy Cavey so best of luck with your date. I had logged on hoping that Han had spoken to IM and could set my mind at peace about his voice being suitably masculine *sigh* guess I am just going to have to wait. This dating vicariously is hard work
7:12pm, 22 Aug 2017
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I'm not sure about not being shy! Alcohol certainly helps though!! ;-)

I am similar Hann. Was looking forward to a bit of solitude! But sometimes you've just got to follow your gut!

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