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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Indoor Rowing

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12 Jun
12:28pm, 12 Jun 2019
414 posts
Oh, and I added a training plan to the Repository of All Things Rowing. For US marines, no less, if yer 'ard enough.
12 Jun
9:35pm, 12 Jun 2019
34310 posts
Another 10km steady row tonight. Blisters are deveoping into hard skin again already. I'll be back to normal by the weekend at this rate.
13 Jun
10:40am, 13 Jun 2019
415 posts
Ah, there I am on the distance table. I hadn't done enough previously to qualify. All is good. Today for a run, tomorrow a row.
9:02am, 16 Jun 2019
34320 posts
I didn't row on Friday but I did do 3 x 5km steady (L4) yesterday and I'm about to get up and get sorted for somethign similar today. Back on a proper "Training plan" from tomorrow after a week of just getting back to regular rowing.

Things I've noticed after having 3 weeks off:
Hard skin on the hands has all gone and I've had blisters! It comes back pretty quickly though.
At least at the lower end of intensity holding pacce is fine but HR for that pace is 5-10BPM higher than before the break. Wonder how long for that to normalise?
Duration is relative. When I'm in the swing of things 10k in 45 minutes doesn't feel like a long time on the Erg. THis week doing a continuous 5k has felt long!
10:19am, 16 Jun 2019
545 posts
Cats Whiskers
Surprised the blisters pitched up so quickly! I suspect it won't take long for your HR to normalise but I know what you mean about duration being relative. I've been stuck around the 5–6K mark for the last few rows and I have to check my training log occasionally for proof that I could actually hold a faster pace than I'm managing at the moment for a whole 10K a couple of months ago. Guess it will come back when it's ready.

Anyway, good to see you getting back on track!
1:24pm, 16 Jun 2019
416 posts
Aye, I'm starting over after a bit of a hiatus. I find that after a short non-injury-related break it only takes a couple of sessions to get most of it back and a couple more to get it all back. For longer timeouts I work on the principle of twice the duration to regain 90% and one more duration to squeeze out that last 10%.

Anyhoo ... an easy 5000m done just now. Third sesh in a week and hr almost down to where it should be.
2:07pm, 16 Jun 2019
34323 posts
Did another 1 hour steady state session this morning (eventually). I'm going to see how I feel later on and maybe do another 10k before eating pizza this evening. It will depend on whether my hands are still sore.

CW, the "Getting back int he swing week" was 6 days of rowing totalling 64km. Blisters were one of the few guarantees!
4:31pm, 16 Jun 2019
417 posts
Sore hands never stopped me from eating pizza :-)

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About This Thread

How about a little league of 2000m times to see what we're up against:

Oranj (1988 vintage): 6:44.6
Jef(2010 vintage): 6:46.6
Nellers: 7:03.8
Pothunter (2005 vintage): 7:06
Gym_Bunny: 7:16.9
theOtherRichard: 7:22.5
Jef: 7:23.9
Mouseytongue: 7:30.2
Oranj: 7:37.6
lammo: 7:56
Tiger Feet: 8:00.1
Muttley: 8:08.5
Cats Whiskers: 8:19.3
Angus Clydesdale: 8:47.2
BanjoBax: 9:13
Sally Kate: 9:18
HellsBells: 9:23.1
Sweetie: 9:27
Lesley C: 9:34
alpenrose: 10:03

And here's a tidy little Rowing distance league table that Fetch has put together for us: fetcheveryone.com/league-rowing.php

And here (courtesy of Angus Clydesdale) is a link to the Wiki of useful things like training plans: fetcheveryone.com/article-view.php?id=544

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