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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Indoor Rowing

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23 Mar
8:48pm, 23 Mar 2019
162 posts
Like the idea! ... lets start a rumour that Nellers is extra padded in "certain" areas ! :-D
23 Mar
8:49pm, 23 Mar 2019
163 posts
...and Like... I'm not ? :-(
23 Mar
8:52pm, 23 Mar 2019
33975 posts
Lardy-arse Nellers. Thats what they call me.;-)
24 Mar
9:13pm, 24 Mar 2019
33979 posts
No rowing today for me but:
a) I've already done over 100k this week and
b) I did some "Picking heavey things up and putting them down again" instead

Planned to get a cheeky 10k in this afternoon but Mrs Nellers wanted to go to Ikea and I've put a new bed together intead of rowing. Is there a X-Training category for flat packing?
25 Mar
11:39am, 25 Mar 2019
365 posts
Ikea ... (shudder) ... truly the Shop of Hell.

Anyhoo ... 7,000 metres steady, as per The Plan. Felt good, these steady rows are gradually lengthening. With 3,000 metres to warmup, making 10k in all.

Jef's been doing some metres lately, I see.
25 Mar
12:41pm, 25 Mar 2019
33981 posts
Ninja rowing!

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About This Thread

How about a little league of 2000m times to see what we're up against:

Oranj (1988 vintage): 6:44.6
Jef(2010 vintage): 6:46.6
Pothunter (2005 vintage): 7:06
Nellers: 7:08.5
Gym_Bunny: 7:16.9
theOtherRichard: 7:22.5
Jef: 7:23.9
Mouseytongue: 7:30.2
Oranj: 7:37.6
lammo: 7:56
Tiger Feet: 8:00.1
Muttley: 8:08.5
Cats Whiskers: 8:19.3
Angus Clydesdale: 8:47.2
BanjoBax: 9:13
Sally Kate: 9:18
HellsBells: 9:23.1
Sweetie: 9:27
Lesley C: 9:34
alpenrose: 10:03

And here's a tidy little Rowing distance league table that Fetch has put together for us: fetcheveryone.com/league-rowing.php

And here (courtesy of Angus Clydesdale) is a link to the Wiki of useful things like training plans: fetcheveryone.com/article-view.php?id=544

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