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2000 miles in 2017

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1 Dec
10:12am, 1 Dec 2017
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138 left for me in December. Going on past years, that shouldn't be a problem, been solidly consistent throughout the year so far.
1 Dec
2:02pm, 1 Dec 2017
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Silver Strider
I'm sure you'll chip away at those quite steadily Chrisull.

Looks like I may make my highest total this year too if I finish my last couple of marathons and marcothon. Probably 150 mile month will do!
1 Dec
2:49pm, 1 Dec 2017
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And after today, it's now just 35 miles a week, for 4 weeks, with New Years Eve as a bonus in case I miss target on any one week. Any long runs I do should eat into that quite quickly.
7 Dec
11:49am, 7 Dec 2017
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Thanks for the "get wells" folks..am running again and up to 1525 for the year but am building myself up physically before I get back into what I call proper miles!
Am on steroids for a few months and nasty symptoms have abated after nearly four months! Now I only have to contend with the hip arthritis!
8 Dec
2:32pm, 8 Dec 2017
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Keep doing what you do Torey and enjoy all that you are able to do. Continued best wishes :-)
8 Dec
4:14pm, 8 Dec 2017
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there are 6 more folks still on target to hit 2K who aren't over the line yet - keep going!

there are 6 more less than 2% behind. Wishing you all great speed
8 Dec
7:26pm, 8 Dec 2017
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Thanks Chunky. I hate to see the target go up again but I had to have a day off today, too many aches and pains!

Getting there...
8 Dec
8:34pm, 8 Dec 2017
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Well done everyone who is over the line, or approaching it. Just a little out of reach for me this year.
9 Dec
4:04pm, 9 Dec 2017
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Less than 100 to go here, 33 a week with a bonus day at the end. Physio gave me a cleanish bill of health after assaulting my dodgy glute. Not hurting, but boy running was not fun today!

Still think we'll have over 20 here over 2000. There's 24 with a realistic chance still... sadly Dill I agree with you, 200 adrift is little too much, but still a good effort anyway. I think last 2 years we've had 23-24... Told ya Oranj was making good inroads too.
10 Dec
10:27am, 10 Dec 2017
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Thanks SS.

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