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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Toast of a Monkey

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11 Oct
1:23pm, 11 Oct 2018
158 posts
What is Toast of a Monkey? Have I missed something really obvious?
11 Oct
1:27pm, 11 Oct 2018
35781 posts
Yes a monkey!
11 Oct
1:29pm, 11 Oct 2018
19682 posts
Wriggling Snake
and a lot of toast
11 Oct
2:40pm, 11 Oct 2018
24843 posts
Toast of a Monkey

11 Oct
2:40pm, 11 Oct 2018
24844 posts
(and also the TripAdvisor review that's in the sidebar)
11 Oct
5:09pm, 11 Oct 2018
27789 posts
Ah....... it's really good to be back
11 Oct
5:19pm, 11 Oct 2018
29355 posts
It's Max! Wow. Almost as famous in Fetch as the Monkey. Hiya. *waves* :-) G
18 Dec
7:10pm, 18 Dec 2018
3618 posts
How in heck do people do the Toast of a Monkey in a sec or so..... BOred at work earlier and managed to improve level 1 down to 55 or so seconds
19 Dec
12:35pm, 19 Dec 2018
2983 posts
Merry Fizzmas :-)
OOh, Toast of a Monkey.

I'll do anything for a badge :-)

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About This Thread

Well I do not want to generalize the hotel, and as such, I do not go to say that the hotel is all bad, but the truth, is that the photos of the brochure, had been an illusion.
we were in room 34. I do not recommend this room to nobody ..... The walls were dirty, the room did not have decoration, much less comfort. (if i pay good, i want the minimum)
The WC was clean, however the towels had bad smell , but worse then that it was when the towel of supposedly clean bath, brought of toast a monkey! Yes a monkey!

The breakfast is weak and.....I asked to the lady make a toast and.... the answer was...."Sorry, no "

if you stay there....dont forget to visit the 5º floor to see the pictures in the wall !

I want to believe that the other rooms are well more pleasant, cleaner and comfortable. Unhappyly I do not have nothing to point out of good.

When I saw the website, I didnt wanted to believe that we had been in the same hotel… ! If you dont belive see for your self...

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