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Coaching young athlete - training schedule for 10,000m and 5,000m

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19 Feb
9:09pm, 19 Feb 2013
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Hi guys,

I'm a UKA level 2 coach for endurance athletes but I've never done any training for young athletes. We've got a young lad at our club who has been running steadily with me for the last few months. I'm a little concerned about his unstructured training. He's 17 and has the potential to do really well.

5,000m - 16:49
10,000m - 36:01

1 mile - 5:00

Our club offers traing at an adult level up to around 6 miles, twice a week. What else can I advise him to do over the course of a normal week? I understand that he needs a mileage of around 30 tops with weight training and track work thrown in.

What would you suggest as a plan for him? Many thanks!
19 Feb
10:20pm, 19 Feb 2013
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Carlos Fandango Jnr
Is there an England Athletics coaching mentor for your area? Alternatively Link (roll over me to see where I go) might be a help unless anyone else has better ideas.
20 Feb
12:43pm, 20 Feb 2013
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As above, I would seek advice and guidance from your area coaching mentor. At that age your planning shoukld be very tailored towards the induvidual athlete so I would not look towards gebneric advuice from forums etc.

IMO he is still young to be running 10km, but as I said its a very induvidual thing.

Have you done any long term athlete development CPD? I'd have a look at some of this.
20 Feb
1:28pm, 20 Feb 2013
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I'm not posting in here due to not being comfortable that my views are well received in this country given the perceived wisdom that 17 is young and 10km is far.

Next someone will write that 20 miles a week is a lot for a 17 year old :¬0
20 Feb
1:57pm, 20 Feb 2013
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My post was not overly clear - it's not so much that 10km is far, more where the focus of racing (and therefore training) might be at that age - but as i said it might be for this induvidual might be fine - its a personal think. With many around this age I would still be focusing on getting some good 1500, mile, 3000m performances. Certainly the nmileage is not a problem per se.
20 Feb
1:59pm, 20 Feb 2013
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Gobi, i hate to point this out, but you ARE posting in here Raspberry!
20 Feb
2:02pm, 20 Feb 2013
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The Teaboy
Has anyone else noticed the mileage that Kenyans and Ethiopians have chalked up by those ages?
20 Feb
4:35pm, 20 Feb 2013
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Tt -Yes

Santa - be quiet

Tom - by 17 if he has done the years he may have peaked over 1500 so 5km is next so therefore you learn to race over 1500 and 10000

Damn it i posted again
20 Feb
10:14pm, 20 Feb 2013
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I'll have to look into finding somewhere that can help him. :-) think moving clubs would benefit him, especially if they have a dedicated youth section. He's certainly capable of doing up to around 10km. However, my concerns are his lack of endurance and ability for his body to cope with a demanding schedule. He's asking for advice and I've no idea what to tell him sometimes. :-)
21 Feb
9:50am, 21 Feb 2013
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Reality is that he needs to build base in a controlled manner like an adult(very controlled)

Then add the speedwork make sure his long runs are restricted but long enough to be useful for 10 miles.

Pace control and rest are crucial and make sure he listens to his body

17 is not young really.

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