Serious news about Fetchies, how do we share this?

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Jun 2018
1:05pm, 15 Jun 2018
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Dai Bank
as I do most days I logged on earlier today aiming to read a few blogs, check out some threads, waste some time as do most of us.

I checked out V'raps blog and was stunned to read that a fellow Fetchie had suffered a stroke. I mean no criticism of V'rap for commenting about the situation in any way.

Now I know that some people share their lives through their blogs, allowing for a measure of anonymity, and some have had tough times just recently, one blogger's father just died, another blogger's farm worker(I know she's not but couldn't think of another way to describe her) is in hospital for surgery. Together with others I have commented on these blogs, offering condolences and good wishes.

I have met this Fetchie stoke victim, once, just briefly, but followed her cycling career and exchanged fmails occasionally and would have sent best wishes had I known she was ill. The fact that I have met someone may be immaterial to a future situation.

I have a very limited social media presence, by choice, and do not wish to expand it so how do I, and others, get to know of something that would allow us to offer support while accepting that the individual may be unable or unwilling to say, via Fetcheveryone, their circumstance. Equally the individual may not wish that their circumstance be widely disseminated for comment so breaching confidence by a fellow Fetchie may be unwise.

To be perfectly clear I am definitely not talking about things that would be nice to know, or gossip (especially not gossip), but news where perhaps an fmail could be comforting to an individual while they undergo whatever situation they find themselves in.

I do not know whether such a facility could be made available and I may just have to learn about things as I did this morning but it is clear from other comments on the blog that I am not the only person who was not aware of the plight of a fellow Fetchie

Is there a way to help overcome this and if so what ideas do we have?
Jun 2018
1:23pm, 15 Jun 2018
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I would be very, very cautious.
We may want to know about these things for all the "right" reasons - eg support, but we have no right to know.
In most situations the people who need to know already do.
If I want people to know something about me I share it - on my blog or in a thread or whatever. If I haven't shared it, it's because I don't want it shared.
The amount of support that I can offer a random stranger off the internet who hasn't asked for my support is very limited.
Jun 2018
1:49pm, 15 Jun 2018
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It's always a bit of a shock to discover such sad news about a fellow Fetchie, no matter how that news arrives, but I think it can only be down to the individual, or their family/friends to share any such news as widely and by whatever medium they personally see fit. I don't much like the idea of formalising that in any way.

I would like to hope that in most cases, regular users of the site will seek out the Fetch community for whatever kindnesses we can offer, and there have been lots of examples of that. I'd say that keeping a regular eye on the blogs is the best place to connect with people about how things are going for them.
Jun 2018
2:04pm, 15 Jun 2018
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Yorkshire Pie
In this case I suspect it was less that the fetchie in question wanted it kept confidential, and more than she hadn't been using fetch as much as in the past - certainly she was fairly open about it on facebook and twitter (and indeed on Strava). However, that wouldn't always be the case.
Jun 2018
5:10pm, 15 Jun 2018
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Unless you're in regular contact with a particular person I don't think there's any other way of finding out such a thing other than social media, particularly if, as in this case, they have largely retired from Fetch.

As Fetch says, the blogs do provide the most personal contact here, and allow people to express wider views than can be written in a forum post.

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as I do most days I logged on earlier today aiming to read a few blogs, check out some threads, wast...

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