Hadd's Approach To Distance Running

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18 Jul
2:19pm, 18 Jul 2022
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Bowman πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ
Ok DrDan, I see :) seems reasonable.
Well I start to think that the test is at to big increments too, and a little imprecise in hr, probably ok for most, but if you want details and don’t know. I’ll talk to them next time, i have one more session.
I mean they do this commercially and with elite athletes, they can probably make it more precise or explain it a bit more why it’s not.
Have you looked at the hr data on the marathon? I manage to be at quite high HR all the way to 32-35km but then I hit the wall a bit :)

18 Jul
2:54pm, 18 Jul 2022
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I think the test is fine - it's just me making a mistake last night.

Yes, those were crazy high heart rates for a marathon - not surprised you hit that wall haha! Looks like you set off for 3:15, so base don what you now know that would have been between LT1 and LT2... it was a time bomb waiting to go off (we've all been there ... slowing at 32, crashing at 37 is very typical if setting out too hard). Here’s the marathon story so far and you can see I've been there. :-)

Chester 2010 – 4:50:16 … total nightmare – not well, should not have run.
Chester 2011 – 3:32:43 … slowed at 32, crashed at 37.
Abingdon 2013 – 3:38:15 … pushed on at 37, hit the wall at 39.
London 2014 – 3:37:35 … slowed at 32, crashed at 37.
Nottingham 2014 – 3:35:10 … slowed at 30, crashed at 37.
Dublin 2014 – 3:39:10 … deliberately slower β€œsafe” pace – hard but finished OK.
Abingdon 2016 – 3:31:02 … slowed after 37 but didn’t crash.
London 2017 – 3:30:14 … even pace, very tough final 4 miles but no crash!
Chester 2017 – 3:22:56 … even pace, strong at end!! Big PB.
18 Jul
5:01pm, 18 Jul 2022
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Bowman πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ
Yes ok.
Yea that was really interesting short race reports from your marathons.
I’m going for a marathon in October, my second one, and I wonder where I will decide to set my pace.

I’m in my base training now, or something like that, and I thing I will do maybe 6 weeks of more specific marathon training with faster MP, and then I might know what to aim for.

Going to be interesting. And this time I will try to have a pace that gives me more energy at the end :)

But a have a few more tries racing before I will master it I think :)

Thanks for your insights DrDan
18 Jul
5:59pm, 18 Jul 2022
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It takes a lot of mastering (well it did for me) and even then I screwed up ... I left out marathon #10... York 2018 3:49 which did not go well because I insisted on running it at 5 min/km even though I'd had a poor running year (injury). It was a grim final 10K in pouring rain. Choosing the right pace is key and I will not be over ambitious again.

I'm going to do #11 at the Leeds marathon in May 2023 but suspect it will be a "complete" rather than "compete" as I've been out of the running game for a while and also there's a very long (5K!) climb on the course around 30K. But if it goes OK, I will target a flatter race for autumn 2023.

Lots of base to build first. :-)
18 Jul
6:35pm, 18 Jul 2022
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Bowman πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ
It sure does :)

Well good luck to us both :)

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