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Sep 2019
7:20pm, 4 Sep 2019
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I missed Albert O'Balsam's question about NXT earlier. Sorry.

Yes, NXT is effectively the developmental brand for WWE. They have a wide recruitment policy and bring in wrestlers with established careers on the indies and other sportspeople or performers who they think have a talent that they can adapt (eg football players, gymnasts, powerlifters, cross-fitters, MMA competitors). These recruits are sent to the WWE Performance Centre in Florida where they train not just in the physical wrestling moves but also in things like how to film a promo video, some acting skills etc.

As they develop they get to try out initially on "House shows" which aren't generally televised and if they do well there they get to work on the NXT shows which are streamed on the WWE network and are soon to be broadcast on US TV as well.

Honestly, the quality of the wrestling is usually at least as good as the main brands but the storylines/promos/backstage stuff is not as polished.

Recently WWE have launched NXT:UK, which is a similar set-up over here. They have set up a UK based performance centre in Enfield of all places and they have a lot of UK and European-based talent on the roster doing a weekly show that is also streamed on their network. A lot of the NXT:UK wrestlers have non-exclusive contracts so are still also performing on indy shows alongside their WWE commitments.
Sep 2019
7:29pm, 4 Sep 2019
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On the gymnastics in pro-wrestling this clip (if it works) is 2 of the best high-flyers in the business a couple of years back wrestling in Japan. Ricochet now wrestles for WWE. Will Ospreay is making a very tidy living as one of the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling and is splitting his time between Japan, Australia and England. He's the son of an Essex plasterer and grew up not far from where I live now. I've seen him wrestle quite a few times as he made a lot of his reputation wrestling for Progress in London.

The stuff Will and Ricochet do in this match is amazing and athletic and entertaining and definitely wrestling but you'd be hard-pressed to think it was an actual fight. I love it though.
Sep 2019
4:01pm, 15 Sep 2019
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I’m currently sitting amongst 2000 fans at Ally Pally waiting for the Progress Wrestling show Chapter 95:Still Chasing.... to start.

Pretty excited and after the week I’ve had i’m glad to be getting a break from reality!

Highlights today:
Pete Dunne against a mystery opponent

Walter vs David Starr for the Progress belt
Jordynne Grace v Meiko Satamuro for the women’s title
GYV vs Aussie Open for the tag belts
A 30 person mixed gender rumble match for the first holder of the new Proteus Belt. The holder decides the stipulation for any defence so that’s going to be good.

Oh, and Matt Riddle and Keith Lee vs Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) in a non-title match.

It’s going to be a good show.
Sep 2019
4:52pm, 15 Sep 2019
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Wriggling Snake
I think I liked the Dynamite Kid best because he had a bit of the entertainment malarkey and he was a real athlete.

The royal brothers tag team back in the day....
Sep 2019
10:47pm, 15 Sep 2019
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Had an amazing evening at The Wrestles. Great to get away from the real world for a few hours.

WS, Dynamite Kid was an amazing wrestler but, by all accounts, a complete arse in the real world. Died relatively recently lonely and bitter having driven all his friends away it seems. In the ring, though, I'd agree that he was a huge star and a massive influence on the wrestling that followed him.

(When he was ill his wife, allegedly, set up a GoFundMe or similar to pay for treatment for him, then ran off with the money because he'd been such a ba5t4rd to her and it was her only way out of their marriage.)
Jan 2020
11:24pm, 3 Jan 2020
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Hello Grapple Fans!

This weekend is a big one. New Japan Pro Wrestling always have their big show, Wrestle Kingdom, on 4th January and it streams live from Tokyo. This means a 7am UK start and so I've got the alarm set. It's always a fantastic show with some amazing matches and nothing that you'd call "Filler".

This year they've decided that they have so much talent on their roster that they can put on a 2 day event so they've got a show on Sunday morning as well.

Because of family stuff I'm not going to get to see the Sunday show live but I bet it's a cracker too.

This is probably the second biggest weekend for wrestling fans after Wrestlemania. Can't wait!

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