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Correlation of race times through the differing distances

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Oct 2012
10:04am, 11 Oct 2012
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I;ve just done a massive 3 minute pb on a 10K at 47:04, best 5K I can get is 24:17 (albeit prob hillier than the 10K route). My 5 mile time is 39:52 on tired legs and road Half Mara time is 1:53:56. I am guessing 10K is perhaps my best distance but would love to pb on the half coming up in the next couple of weeks. Starting to think the 10K was a bit of a fluke although it was accurate distance within guidelines and a UKA approved race.

Where should the training go from here to build on what I already have? According to RW race predictor I should be capable of a 22:34 5K which I can't see any time soon.
Oct 2012
10:11am, 11 Oct 2012
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I just had the opposite, big PB on half marathon which now makes my 10K time look pathetic. I think different distances require slightly different training, plus I suspect just plain old experience helps! I'm no expert, but will be interested to hear opinions on this. I have found that hill reps have really helped my speed though, and on a hilly course made me actually enjoy the hills :)

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I;ve just done a massive 3 minute pb on a 10K at 47:04, best 5K I can get is 24:17 (albeit prob hill...

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