Barefoot running

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Nov 2021
12:06pm, 11 Nov 2021
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Sorry, only just seen the question about Xero's... I always buy mine direct from the USA, much cheaper, in the last few months only been stung once out of 3 or 4 purchases with extra customs charges, and the hoes still came in just under the UK price. And you are right they have many more colour options!

I am a wuss on downhill slopes, but you can get some decent lugs on barefoot shoes, both Xero and Vivo show pictures of the soles on their websites x
Nov 2021
12:20pm, 11 Nov 2021
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Hi Jacko and BarefootEm.

I go some Vivo boots (for hiking, not running) very impressed with grip.
And how warm my feet were despite paddling around in standing water in the Lakes.

I am still wearing my Xero that I got from LizzieWizz for my everyday work shoes.

Not done a very good job of progressing my actual barefoot running over the summer and now it's mostly cold and horrid.
Nov 2021
1:05pm, 11 Nov 2021
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Lizzie Whizz
:-) still hoping to get a 2nd hand pair in the right size!
Nov 2021
2:07pm, 23 Nov 2021
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I do triathlon and find that when I have to move from swim to bike and there is a barefoot run that I'm basically shocking!

If it's a pool swim I have the opportunity to put on shoes but not when open water
I don't want to be running miles barefoot just a short distance (1/4m max probably) without tip toeing in pain

What's the best way to train myself/feet for this?
Dec 2021
10:02pm, 6 Dec 2021
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EP... start small.. doing short distances with nothing on your feet regularly. I guess like all parts of a tri you have to practice each component. The other option if you are in open water, which may help is wearing water shoes.. they then offer some protection from sharp ground, leaving you time to be less concerned about hurting yourself. they normally just slip on and off, you can wear them during the swim and then just slide them off to get on the bike. (The last time I did an open water swim tri, I didn't use clip in pedals, and I stayed in the same water shoes for the whole event. shame my increased speed in transition made no difference to my over all speed! ;)
1 Mar
11:15am, 1 Mar 2022
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I was hoping to make a return to barefoot running in my flip-flop things come March 1st, but having woken up to a hard frost I've put that plan back a couple of weeks!! :)

(It is sunny now though. Pity I am at work...)
18 Mar
7:31pm, 18 Mar 2022
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First flip-flop run of the season 😊
5 Apr
9:26pm, 5 Apr 2022
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yay, I had mine a couple of weeks ago, freezing waiting to start parkrun, but lovely once going :-) Only done the ne so far, it got cold again!
19 Jul
1:54pm, 19 Jul 2022
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3.2 miles round the garden. In this heat, staying close to home to be able to grab a drink of water part way round made sense anyway! Lovely to run on the grass. :-) G
21 Jul
5:58pm, 21 Jul 2022
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I'm running solely in my flipflops now and absolutely loving it! Hoping the weather stays warm for a few months at least!

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