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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Fetch can

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13 Apr
7:30pm, 13 Apr 2019
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FRU (KeepTheFaith)
Vibes to all racers tomorrow

We’ve had the laziest day after the earliest start, record store day! 7am we were 15th in the queue at our local vinyl shop..

Just back from a very chilly 5 after spending the after store seeing off our in laws, resting and tinkering with my web site, glad to see 5 back after a very social couple of weeks

Be thinking of the racers tomorrow.. enjoy!
14 Apr
3:59pm, 14 Apr 2019
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FRU (KeepTheFaith)
Been neglecting this thread of late, but fear not it's not actually going anywhere

Probably on Fetch there's lots of little groups already doing this same thing - and I know from the few of us who post in here now and then that you might think "oh not another one" - however I started this forum really as a fresh start so hopefully we'll get a few more members as the year goes on

I had a good week or so of social stuff - my fella and his older son went on a big trip out to New York and I went ooop north to Sheffield to see a friend - and this weekend we've been celebrating my fella's mum and dad's 50th wedding anniversary - what a lovely thing to celebrate - we took them out for a lovely day in the end - into the Castle for a good nosey and then to what turned out to be a hidden post gem of a thai restaurant in town, gorgeous it was... so the spirit of CAN was with me, just in different ways

OK.. off we go - next challenges and spring cleaning for self!

1- Booze
I've been playing about with the whole new range of alcohol free and low alcohol drinks that are around. I've found some impressive fakeys... Gin, Red Wine, Lager... all seem perfectly fine to me and added bonus of no hangover, or less damage on a night out. I've not gone totally alcohol free - rather I choose to have a few drinks and then switch to fakey, AND some days if it's lazy drinking I'll just have the fakey full stop. The red wines are really good for that - when you just want that feeling of a nice glass of something - the other thing that starts to happen is you start to question why you need the fakey... but I am not going to push this - just make the move to drink more fakey than real. The last couple of times I've been out drinking drinking I've felt so poorly and it really is not a good mix with my wish to lose weight and get more miles in

2- Water
The water is getting better and I can really tell when I've been ticking off my 6-8 glasses a day - I did drop down a belt notch before the social whirls - so I'm attacking that again next week

3 - Easter Egg and Hot Cross Bun season

Avoiding! Although Thursday we're having hot cross bun thursday... I'm going to get some of those cinnamon bagels instead - I know they possibly just as bad "almost" BUT I can just have one of those as they are more filling and wont be tempted to load with butter if I make a decent one with bannana mashed on it instead of butter - Easter Egg - well I'll just make sure no one get's me one - dont think that will be too hard as we stopped doing that a couple of years back

4 - Lunches
I've just made a batch of beany stew from the last of the weeks stuff in the cupboard.. that's enough for 4 lunches - and then tomorrow I can buy enough to make something similar to get us through to Thursday. Makes so much difference to me if I have something to just pick up - something easy. Otherwise I'm a sod for the whole mid week munchies and taking no lunch is a wrecker

5 - Mileage and the gym
100% back to it this week - I'm looking forwards to the aim of a 25 mile week, and a spin session - I need to work out how to get 2 good weight sessions in at the gym - failed this week just gone but as my long run is back in place I am not going to beat myself up too much - just note to self that weights need to feature

So... man - that's enough about me!
How are you all doing?
What's the aims for the week ahead?
14 Apr
4:17pm, 14 Apr 2019
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Derby Tup
You’re doing well FRU - loads of positive stuff above

This week it’ll be eight months since I, last had / had my last, drink

I’m hoping to do the Bunny Run up on Penistone Hill on Tuesday night

A better time on Saturday morning than yesterday’s Parkrun/hike (37-47) is another target along with another 35 miles walking / now a bit of joggling

Oh and I’m off to see customers tomorrow for first time since mid-January (I’ve ironed a couple of shirts)
15 Apr
4:13pm, 15 Apr 2019
12191 posts
FRU (KeepTheFaith)
Great inspiration Derby Tup - 8 months is impressive - my thing is I shouldnt ever start! I can not do, but if I do do then I tend to go a bit mad

I bet it feels amazing to get back out there.... good for you - enjoy it. I got too embarrased going to parkrun but I realise that I am cutting my nose off with that attitude! Going because you CAN must feel brilliant :-) I need to remember that and who cares about the clock or position.

I'm having a tired day, easily falling off the cart BUT I remember note to self this isnt a "day" thing, and we all have bumps in our wish to be leaner and meaner and healthy-ier :-)

Hope you've had a good day out and about

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