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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Mundane thread

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6:54pm, 26 May 2019
2572 posts
I do like gin. I shall have some in the bath later.
Left over risotto for tea, first.
7:00pm, 26 May 2019
46346 posts
The Mighty Fleecy
In a pub. Actually in the garden due to the loud shit band inside. It was so loud I had to point to my beer of choice. It’s a bit strong
7:47pm, 26 May 2019
13639 posts
Huge roast dinner, followed by strawberries and cream pig
7:50pm, 26 May 2019
34186 posts
Lip Gloss
Roast dinner here too - no sweet but will have tea
8:01pm, 26 May 2019
39692 posts
Raining here too. Means the garden doesn't need watering.
8:10pm, 26 May 2019
34187 posts
Lip Gloss
I want my bed
8:17pm, 26 May 2019
46347 posts
The Mighty Fleecy
Got wet in the pub garden so went to another pub, this one has a DJ. Apparently it’s National Shit Music in Pubs night
8:18pm, 26 May 2019
46348 posts
The Mighty Fleecy
I watered the garden and all the pots earlier anyway, a couple of the pots looked very very dry. I hope the clematises survive.
8:19pm, 26 May 2019
34188 posts
Lip Gloss
We have had plenty of rain and more due tomorrow
8:32pm, 26 May 2019
27867 posts
Also post roast dinner. Two more scripts to mark and a ppt to prepare. And the washing up to do.

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I have replaced the batteries in the TV remote.

The old ones were flat, so it wasn't working.

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