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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Mundane thread

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9:25am, 14 Nov 2018
24509 posts
Sorry to hear about trainmageddon. Son2 is training it to That London today. He has taken the precaution of booking a flight home though. 45 minutes versus three and a bit hours (on a good day) and not *that* much more expensive. (Though the plane *to* London is considerably mire expensive.)
9:41am, 14 Nov 2018
5698 posts
There has been a new sign in to my Netflix account in Ontario, Canada. It’s either my brother, or I’ve been hacked by a Canadian.
9:46am, 14 Nov 2018
25188 posts
Eating breakfast.... Meant to do yoga first.... Must do it later
10:21am, 14 Nov 2018
5700 posts
Doing really badly at concentrating today. I’m consequence I am overusing the Mundane thread.
10:25am, 14 Nov 2018
31994 posts
I’ve done my first yoga session- surprisingly tough!

My aunt rang to see how I was and we talked for 20 minutes.
10:53am, 14 Nov 2018
26880 posts
A couple of productive hours. Nothing like a deadline to motivate. Coffee and scone break then I will call ICT help desk to try and get online.
10:54am, 14 Nov 2018
44026 posts
The Mighty Fleecy
Well done Dio! star
I’m eating the world’s earliest lunch. Though my breakfast was quite small and I want to go out and do stuff later so it’s more convenient to eat now

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I have replaced the batteries in the TV remote.

The old ones were flat, so it wasn't working.

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