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The Jingle Mile - A Christmassy East Angular FetchEvent.

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16 May
1:55pm, 16 May 2017
13879 posts
*stickerbook at the ready*
16 May
3:24pm, 16 May 2017
1353 posts
I'm in, only 20 miles away so no excuse!
16 May
3:41pm, 16 May 2017
27508 posts
It'll be good to see you Brian. :-)
24 Jun
12:35pm, 24 Jun 2017
4827 posts
Is everyone coming to the Fetch mile next Saturday? Hope you've all signed up.
24 Jun
2:25pm, 24 Jun 2017
93745 posts
I'm not alas - it's my vicar's leaving do. Someone will make a 'bishop bashing' joke on the back of this, I fear, but there is little one can do.
24 Jun
2:48pm, 24 Jun 2017
28575 posts
"I'm freeing up space in the vicarage". Something like that?
24 Jun
3:22pm, 24 Jun 2017
31471 posts
How about "The Bishop has an opening for a new clergyman". Or is that a bit close to the headlines this week?
24 Jun
4:14pm, 24 Jun 2017
33539 posts
Hills of Death (HOD)
You have to sign something ?

About This Thread

Okay, here it is. Again. And again. And yet again. And once more. And this time with feeling. And this time in the summer which probably means it's going to piss it down. And now again at Christmas. And this time not even in East Anglia, really (which is probably just as well).

Saturday 1 July 2017

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Cost approximately ??? (Ask Nightjar)

Group: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Bedford International Athletic Stadium
Barkers Ln
MK41 9SB

Directions to the track: Google is your friend

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