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Bike maintenance for dummies.

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18 Jul
3:58pm, 18 Jul 2017
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Thanks guys. I'll take all that on board and ignore it ;-)

The Guy who is giving me the shifter thinks it's campag but it does not say campag on there but it has the stupid thumb switchy thing associated with campag.

I plan to take the rear wheel to see crazy Dave the mech and see if he thinks the brake surface is usable and can he build it up with a rim for a case of beer.

If not it's a 9 speed turbo wheel.

Anyone any eroica websites that where I could sell a 7 speed wheel?
23 Oct
11:09am, 23 Oct 2017
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Hello bike people. If you have a chain bath, what do you use to fill it? If you don't use a chain bath, what do you use (which does not involve taking the chain off)?

My chain cleaning currently varies between seldom and almost never, I have a feeling that it may be something I should pay more attention to.
23 Oct
11:19am, 23 Oct 2017
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If I'm not taking it off, I use MucOff, spray all over, whizz round a few times, leave it for 5 minutes (with the rest of the bike), then rinse in water and run the chain through a microfibre cloth until it gets dry. Then apply Squirt lube.

Or even just rinse in water and run through a cloth to dry. Squirt seems to help it stay / get clean.

If I use a bath, I put MucOff in the bath.

I have taken the chain off and dropped into a clean old plastic milk bottle with some turps or degreaser to really get it properly clean, then dry and apply Squirt. Not a real faff unless the quick link doesn't want to release quickly.
23 Oct
11:26am, 23 Oct 2017
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Similar for to larkim.

I don't do a thorough job on my chains and tend to change them quite often instead. This is the light care I do in between new ones:

Dry chain:

Dust off with a rag, light spray with GT85.

Wet chain:

Wipe off with a rag and put bike in warm place to dry quickly
Then dry chain routine.

Muddy chain:

Wash with mucoff, hosepipe and brush
Then wet chain routine.

Used to use clip on chain cleaners filled with unsalted detergent and water, and they are quite good but too much of a faff.

Back in the day I would take the chain off and soak it in a jar of petrol overnight then lube and put back on - worked very well back when I had all the time in the world.
23 Oct
1:03pm, 23 Oct 2017
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It depends a little on quite how much crap it's picked up (particularly on the CX bike at this time of year, or on the commuter that gets a bit too little TLC), but I use a combination of one of the split brushes you can find, and a cheap nylon sponge scourer (the ones that don't really scour much at all).

I normally wash the whole bike down at the same time, so will have a bucket of muc-off, and just run the chain through the brush/sponge until the worst is agitated off, and then spray any surface crap off, leave a few minutes to dry and re-lube.

I've never taken the chain off to clean it, but then I generally use Shimano chains and they aren't really setup to be frequently split.

I've also never been too much a fan of the specific chain baths, because after a couple of uses I find it's almost impossible to get the tool itself clean enough, and they just end up applying more muck than they're taking off.
23 Oct
3:31pm, 23 Oct 2017
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Thanks for the replies so far. I have wondered sometimes if I should buy a new chain. However as one has never iirc been changed it is over twenty years old so I might need new bits to go with a new chain (the other two chains are 5-6 years old).

(Possibly I should add that it has occasionally had some form of cleaning and lubing in those twenty years :-).)
30 Oct
5:24pm, 30 Oct 2017
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LOL dont change it they dont make em like that anymore!

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