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What really grinds your gears?

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23 Nov
11:30pm, 23 Nov 2017
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Weird thing round here is that there are a lot of shared-use pavements that are very narrow, and pedestrian-only ones which are much wider; transition from one to the other is sometimes only indicated by there no longer being painted cycles every 30m or so. Anyone might think they were designed for the convenience of cars rather than cyclists. So I'm usually fairly relaxed about cyclists on wider pavements. I don't get out of the way of cyclists who are riding on a footway when there's a perfectly good cycle lane on a reasonably quiet road next to it - as in, I wouldn't try to block the whole path, but I'm not going over to the other side to make space for somebody who definitely hasn't been intimidated onto the pavement; quite often, it's just because they want to go against the flow of traffic.
23 Nov
11:39pm, 23 Nov 2017
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There's a 'shared-use' cycle path in Redhill that is only marked by small silver discs bearing an engraving of a cycle plugged in the ground. I have had to point out to pedestrians that 'No, I *am* entitled to cycle here. Look, here's the very tiny cycle path sign.'

Some pillock at the council probably thought it was stylish or something.
7:12am, 24 Nov 2017
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WS I combat the leg thing by swapping legs every so often.

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