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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Elite Athletics Thread

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21 May
8:03am, 21 May 2019
8271 posts
Good on her, that's 2 fingers up at the IAAF.
22 May
7:45am, 22 May 2019
7560 posts
Olympic silver medallist in the marathon now suspended on EPO findings


Good news any time a doper is caught of course. But equally not good, especially as this is unlikely to affect the Olympic medals I think due to the timing of the test etc.
22 May
1:03pm, 22 May 2019
1279 posts
While we’re on the subject

Major Michael Rotich: Former head of Kenya's track and field team banned for 10 years bbc.co.uk
23 May
5:54am, 23 May 2019
8272 posts
These two stories are sad and promising at the same time. Sad that yet more Kenyan athletes and officials are involved in doping but promising that Kenya is finally getting to grips with what, to me, looks like endemic doping and corruption.

I've read that the World Marathon Majors injected some money into the anti doping fight in Kenya, looks like it is working, but while you have people like Rotich kicking about it is always going to be an uphill battle.

It's clear that the doping isn't organised and systemic like that of Russia for example, but there is a major problem. The numbers of athletes caught just this year shows that.
23 May
7:13am, 23 May 2019
7570 posts
The Rotich one is not strictly new news though as the incident and publicity and him being caught was well publicised in 2016. The sanction is welcome, but there's a risk that publicizing it now makes it appear to be yet another Kenyan scandal when it's not - it's just the same one we knew about.

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