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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Elite Athletics Thread

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17 Sep
12:28pm, 17 Sep 2018
5588 posts
My PB from a couple of weeks ago over 200m is 35s. I couldn't even sprint him to the line from 42 to 42.2km and be guaranteed of winning!!
17 Sep
1:04pm, 17 Sep 2018
27075 posts
Great record by Mayer. First time since 2012 that two Olympic event records have been broken on the same day apparently.

Re Kipchoge, while stats like the 69 sec per 400m are great for explaining the speed they are running to a layman, I don't think the comparison to 'mortals' makes the record astonishing as the previous world record was astonishing compared to 'mortals'. It's the comparison to other elite that makes it astonishing, he is in a class of his own, the same was true of Bolt and Radcliffe.
17 Sep
1:56pm, 17 Sep 2018
5590 posts
Indeed I agree the mere mortals bit is a bit trite to a degree. But bear in mind I can run a 10k faster than 97% of the population and a parkrun faster than about 99.5% of all parkrunners in a given year it does show how truly exceptional all elite marathon runners are - so to be the best of the best is even more impressive.

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About This Thread

A thread to discuss any interesting stories or developments in elite athletics.

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