When did you last give blood?

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7 Aug
10:28am, 7 Aug 2018
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I'm getting seriously angry about the constant pleas for blood coupled with lack of availability of donor sessions - the problem, at least round my way, is not lack of willing donors. Any ideas for what to do other than writing to Kit Malthouse, my MP, which I suspect will be dryer, but otherwise no more rewarding, than micturating in the wind?
7 Aug
10:36am, 7 Aug 2018
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Very frustrating, isn't it Maclennane? I am lucky because we have a head quarters in Edinburgh, with long opening hours and lots of donor chairs and staff. So not too hard to get booked in. But ridiculous that they don't have a more flexible availability, when there is clearly a need.

Because I book myself in every 12 weeks or 3 months (12 weeks and 2 days this time!) I usually get the letter urging me to book after I already have. I was going to tell them that this is wasteful, but I actually quite like it as a positive affirmation of my "life saving" donation! And it's marketing to reach MrsS(rrr) to encourage her (and friends?) to give too.

Hope you get booked in some time suitable soon. :-) G
7 Aug
10:55am, 7 Aug 2018
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Fragile Do Not Bend
I’ve resorted to booking my appointments way in advance, even before I’ve attended the previous one. Either that or waiting until a couple of days before the session to see if a slots opened up due to a cancellation.

A quick google threw up an article in the Guardian about this problem in 2015, clearly nothing has changed in 3 years.
8 Aug
9:01am, 8 Aug 2018
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Donation number 38, 145 iron, 6 mins (not a PB!) I'm embarrassed by how many drinks and biscuits I consumed - definitely a PB! :-) G
10 Aug
11:53am, 10 Aug 2018
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We seem to be very lucky around here - plenty of sessions in different venues available.
I guess your MP is a good start, Maclennane.

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