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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

C Block - there's no place like it.

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14 Nov
2:34pm, 14 Nov 2018
39061 posts
That's compulsory anyway.
14 Nov
3:45pm, 14 Nov 2018
9985 posts
So... was anybody stuck in the Combination Room until the lift was fixed?
14 Nov
4:00pm, 14 Nov 2018
39067 posts
Not that I know of. It has happened though.
14 Nov
4:47pm, 14 Nov 2018
29543 posts
[Surely the correct punnage re. intangible benefits is, "Make up any intangibles you like, no one will be able to touch you."?]

Business Continuity Awareness

​During November 2018, Bxx, Exx and Lxx offices, are being assessed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) for our certification in Business Continuity Management.

As part of the ongoing awareness into business continuity and recovery procedures, all of our people, including any contractors, must be aware of the following information:

•Your general awareness around Business Continuity as an employee
•If you have read the Policy / know where can [sic] the Business Continuity Policy can be found
•Who is the Business Continuity rep is [sic] for your area
•If you are you familiar with the Incident Management Team
•What is a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is [sic]
•How you contribute to our Business Continuity Management Programme
•If you know where your Workplace Recovery (WPR) site is

An auditor may ask you some of these questions during their visit:
[follows effectively a cheat list of how to answer the above, even if you didn't know!

I wonder how familiar with the Incident Management Team I should be. Should I invite one of them out for dinner? Or is that too familiar?]

:-) G
14 Nov
6:17pm, 14 Nov 2018
17423 posts
I'd advise against asking whether their underwear is Victorian. BTW there's another [sic] you could have put in: "If you are you".
9:12am, 16 Nov 2018
2822 posts
Maintenance Activity Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November
We are carrying out maintenance this weekend which will result in various power dips throughout the various buildings on Saturday and Sunday. A tannoy will be put out beforehand advising colleagues to save any work.

Admin Building – there will be no welfare facilities in the Admin Building. Colleagues can you the facilities in the main building or [*******] building.

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