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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

TriSport Fetch: The smell of 220

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23 Sep
4:21pm, 23 Sep 2018
5171 posts
Excellent work all.

I've done bog all all day. Having a roast later though.
23 Sep
6:21pm, 23 Sep 2018
17474 posts
TRO Gompers Chomper
That was brutal and I got destroyed, frankly.

An interesting tale to tell...

Thanks for the support. Mrs TRO was amazing to finish in that filth.

I will need to update my top 10 rain/bad weather apocalypses. This was top 5, possible podium.

23 Sep
6:29pm, 23 Sep 2018
1725 posts
^ looking forward to the blog :-o :-)
23 Sep
6:32pm, 23 Sep 2018
27089 posts
Good work TRO and other racers.
23 Sep
6:33pm, 23 Sep 2018
107018 posts
I had the Pavilion webcam up al morning - it looked horrid, then there was an epic rainbow followed by loads of people on the beach looking desperate.
23 Sep
6:34pm, 23 Sep 2018
107019 posts
TRO’s blog is something I look forward to even in the bad times. Like AJ boxing. Even when he’s bad he’s still cracking entertainment.
23 Sep
8:18pm, 23 Sep 2018
14027 posts
Angus Clydesdale
Excellent bravery from the South Coast crew. Chapeaux!

I went rugby, to watch my lad score a hat-trick of tries and set up 2 more. Sunny, unseasonably warm and dry. Glorious day in the North Wing (and a very proud old man).
23 Sep
8:24pm, 23 Sep 2018
107020 posts
Excellent. I went church, there was a bit of a team meeting afterwards where I ducked a big job and graciously agreed to do a small one. Win.

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