Redcar Half Marathon

Listed by GASH
  • Rated 77%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (27) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Big Hag A PB for me so I was chuffed with my time. Struggle with the last 3 miles and that wind on the sea front. Will do this race again next year. Aycliffe Running Club 1:42:46 1:51:23 1:55:00 1:51:23 53.29
Brad22 Hoad Hill Harriers 1:24:42 1:31:20 1:31:20 70.11
Cat the Dog Lover brrrrr!
All those people who think they did the first 2 miles too fast - that 2 mile marker was too far forward.
A fabulous race where I surpassed my expected time and my target time of 2 hours.  Weh hey!  Even managed to overtake 2 fellow clubbies on the home straight on the sea front to gain myself 2 extra points for the club series.  Yay! Billingham Marsh House Harriers & AC 1:55:02 1:58:36 2:10:00 1:58:36 55.52
CD Windy conditions especially the last two miles north along the sea front. Enjoyed the section through Kirkleatham. Friendly and supportive marshals. Well organised. Scunthorpe & District AC 1:50:41 2:03:47 2:03:47 53.09
Cjmac Loftus & Whitby AC 2:07:58 2:19:12 2:19:12 44.49
DjDon Scarborough AC 1:42:26 1:52:00 2:00:00 1:55:00 54.30
FfJono 445th Unaffiliated 1:31:02 1:45:12 1:45:12 55.50
gailbell Unaffiliated 1:35:35 1:45:15 1:45:15 62.10
gasman Really struggled this time! I must do more long training runs! Unaffiliated 1:48:09 1:58:31 1:58:31 52.25
gosbag New Marske Harriers AC 1:27:47 1:27:47 1:30:00 1:28:20 71.28
Grey Badger First time i've done this one. Pretty flat i think from what i have read. Too early in the year for a PB i think. Started too fast (2miles in 11min). The wind was awfull especially the last 2 miles. Ran out of energy in the last mile and got passed by 3 or 4 people. Finished 42nd out of about 1200 so should be happy really.(but i'm not) Northumberland Fell Runners 1:22:00 1:23:43 1:23:30 1:23:59 75.60
helenlovesnufc Unaffiliated 2:00:22 2:00:22 2:00:22 54.18
jazz Tynedale Harriers & AC 1:27:11 1:31:40 1:31:40 71.44
Joflo Scarborough AC, Whitby running club 1:36:34 1:38:16 1:41:55 64.85
leyburnrunner Unaffiliated 1:40:22 1:48:58 1:45:00 1:51:52 55.82
muimhneach Redcar RC 1:41:00 1:46:32 1:54:15 56.53
nochickenstrip First half marathon road race, thoroughly enjoyed it, yes it was tough but hey! Last couple of miles were torture but it's always worth it in the end. Got a 119th Position out of 1113 finishers... can't be bad! Crook & District AC, Durham Triathlon Club 1:17:51 1:25:50 1:30:00 1:31:01 64.47
Nonny Unaffiliated 1:56:48 1:56:48 1:58:33 51.39
Oven Gloves Canny pleased considering the wind. Blyth RC 1:23:18 1:33:08 1:33:08 64.46
Rob-H Redcar RC 1:43:02 2:03:46 2:03:46 47.55
RununMan Very flat, very windy. Not the best race i have ever ran but still a PB. Didn't wear the right gear and got too hot after about 3miles. Also didn't really push too hard for most of the run, although this really helped for the last 2.1 miles with very strong head winds!!! Enjoyed it Birtley AC 1:16:53 1:20:00 1:25:00 1:26:07 70.20
SJS Hoping to break 1:45.  Have only done 1:51:01 before but this was GNR (busy).  And I'm fitter now.  1:16:34 in 10-miler in November - this is my first 'longer distance' race since.  As long as my shins hold up I should be fine.
My shins hurt from mile 1 and I was very concerned and was being overtaken without doing any overtaking (I did start a bit near the front though).  Overtaken by my very similarly-paced club mate Steph in mile 2 or 3, which was a bad sign.  I didn't dare focus on my total time, just focussed on the mile splits.  However, through the power of positive thinking (chanting mantras in my head), the shin / foot  pain magically vanished at the 5 mile marker and I was away!  Free as a bird!   Spent the rest of the race picking people off which was great fun, although the girl from Sedgefield Harriers took a while, and just pipped Steph to the finish line (though she started behind me so chip time was quicker).  Despite the strongest of winds and the seemingly bad start (see training log for mile splits etc), I managed 1:45:01.  I'm very pleased with this as it's 6 mins off my PB, I've got a barrier to break next time, and I know I can do better with better weather conditions and no pain holding me back.  Finished 436 out of 1113 and 62nd woman overall (can't be arsed to work out from the pdf results how many women raced).  Tynedale should have placed as 10th team overall (Joanne was 10th) but I was misclubbed as Teesdale and Steph's on the list as a man! Tynedale Harriers & AC 1:45:01 1:45:01 1:44:59 1:45:01 62.09
Sodahead Now this is the longest I have run since the end of January so my expectations were not high.
Conditions were bright and sunny. The wind however could cut you in two and the sand blowing of the beach got everywhere. Plan was to find a group at a respectable pace and hang on. Hide when running into the wind and open my sails when running down wind.

We all set off to the anaemic sounding horn.

Mile 1: missed it (it was a feature of the wind – all the mile markers had been blown over)
Mile 2: 11.00 dead. Noooo waaayyyyy were we running that fast into the wind. 2nd toe right foot begins to hurt, I can visualise a blood blister the size of a cherry developing.
Mile 3: 7.20 more like it, and I suspect that this marker was in the right place
Mile 4: 6.12 well settled in a group (at the back) with a sub 3 hour FLM runner
Mile 5: 6.24 about to turn down wind and still in a good group. 5 miles in 30.55
Mile 6: 6.00 down wind and cruising
Mile 7: 5.43 down wind and someone picked the pace up :o(
Mile 8: 6.23 not bad, we cut back into the wind and I am still hanging onto the FLM’er but my right quad is aching. I am perplexed, why oh why should my quad be giving me trouble. I keep on gratfing.
Mile 9: 6.18 get caught by the leading lady and we up the pace to take advantage of (a) another injection of pace and wind break and (b) a terrific view (sorry ladies)
Mile 10: 6.57 back into the strong head wind. To try and up the pace would have been suicide so I just tucked in
Mile 11: 6.57 this was the same ground as mile 8 except we had to run through the tail end of the field. This is where I lost touch with the FLM’er and the very pretty 1st lady.
Mile 12: 6.20 into the wind along the “Redcar straight”. Shared the headwind with an Elswich Harrier – I took 2 lamposts, he took 2 lamposts and so we went on to about half a mile from the finish.
Mile 13: 7.08 Redcar sea front. Blasted by sand and wind. The Elswich Harrier amd me both winced out loud. It hurt, it really hurt.
Mile 13.1: 1.05 (or there abouts). Had enough left in my to stride away from my running buddy in the last 100 yards.

Finished in 1.23.20 ish. No idea of position but that was one of the toughest runs of my life however, running within a group and running off and with other athletes for the entire race made a big difference to the enjoyment factor. I would have hated to be isolated in such inhospitable conditions.

The glass is half full. No aches or pains at the moment. I need to set out a program of base aerobic training and weight loss and I am sure that my speed will return. Perhaps that autumn marathon is still on the cards after all.
Loftus & Whitby AC 1:16:17 1:17:44 1:16:00 1:23:15 75.63
viperman Durham City Harriers & AC 1:31:42 1:36:03 1:36:03 67.25
Watcho I literally live on the part of the course, between miles 6 -7and when I was awoken in the morning with the sound of the howling wind, I knew I was in for a tough run.  Having run around the course ( or parts of it) many times previously the 2 miles along the sea front to the conclusion on Majuba Road were some of the toughest I have ever experienced, not being able to look up, due the fear of sand being blown in your eyes is something I do not wish to be repeated too often. 
The weather conditions also had a dramatic effect on the number of spectatators. 
I met a Redcar RC 1:39:50 1:52:49 1:55:00 1:52:49 52.17
Yorky Unaffiliated 1:44:45 1:47:02 2:00:21 50.23
zak n cody Unaffiliated 1:39:43 1:43:07 1:43:07 57.87

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