Sacroiliac Joint Injury

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Nov 2015
9:07pm, 29 Nov 2015
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Two month old back problem. Looks like I have damaged/ strained my lower back muscles and Sacroiliac joints whilst making furniture in the back garden (stupid I know)... I have some NHS back exercises to do but they don't seem to be cutting it.
Any advice would be really well received as I can just about walk, let alone run....
Nov 2015
9:19pm, 29 Nov 2015
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no advice here but plenty of sympathy. horrid time of year for back problems, I think we carry ourselves with more tension when it's cold without the added complication of an injury.
Apr 2016
10:59am, 12 Apr 2016
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Hi Goldie,

I have just recovered from an injury to my Sacroiliac joint, mine too was caused by DIY. I struggled through for 2 weeks with it before seeing my GP, hoping it was just a strain which would heal itself. I eventually got to the point where I could not stand the pain which was now radiating down the side of my thigh.

I was signed off work and prescribed Diclofenic and instructed to take it easy but try and keep mobile.

It took me around 8 weeks to recover completely, I rested for the first week and took a gentle walk which helps get blood flow to the injured area.

I also found doing pelvic tilt exercises helped (lying flat on floor tilt pelvis upwards so you are lifting your lower back up of the floor creating an arch)

I started off doing 2 X 10 reps

I am now back to normal and have started doing core strength exercises
Apr 2016
10:38pm, 13 Apr 2016
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Hi Goldie

I had an argument with a heavy object (stupidly) and did something to my SI joint many years ago. Since then it has come back and gone away numerous times although I've not had a major problem in a long time (I'm a asking for trouble now?). Plenty of sympathy for you since I remember the pain.

I think I'm stuck with it for life now as I've maybe just weakened it a bit permanently (I'm not in the slightest bit medical so this may not actually be the case but a doctor did say it was my weak spot - I'm sure I have others!). So I now make sure I sit properly, the core and glute muscles are in decent shape and generally keep active.

If I have a re-occurrence my main go to is a roll up sock under the SI joint. This lifts the back up a bit and I then bend my knees with feet flat on the floor. Then just relax and let the muscles loosen up and hopefully the SI joint gets back into place. I also try to release the surrounding muscles by bringing my

knee towards me and pushing it back with my hands for a bit before relaxing again. I can't remember which muscle it helps release but it does help. Not sure if I've described this at all well.

Touch wood, I've not had a major problem for a while but I have to be careful when lifting heavy objects - bend at the knees, engage the core and everything in the health and safety manual!

I think the best recovery is to move around but I know you don't want to do that but it is all about getting those muscles loosened up in my opinion.

Well that is my 10 pence worth!

Good luck with the recovery.

Now I just need to fix my calf...

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Two month old back problem. Looks like I have damaged/ strained my lower back muscles and Sacroiliac...

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