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Plantar Fasciitis??

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Sep 2021
2:37pm, 30 Sep 2021
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Albert O Balsam
Certainly improved things - but I have found the biggest relief with information from this video, along with some robust self massage across the calves.


(I know, it's not the slickest looking vid :-) )
Nov 2021
11:04am, 21 Nov 2021
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Hola back re-reading for some good advice on options to try.

I stood on a stone back of heel a few weeks ago triggering heel pain. Next couple of runs my heel sought out other stones to stand on in same point.

Icing and continuing with calf work/foam rolling (stress reaction in metatarsals earlier in the year) calf actually feels great rolling now.

Yesterday the pain moved under the heel towards arch. I can run/walk but I am conscious of it.

Let’s hope I can settle it down now.

Hope anyone else struggling with this gets sorted.

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Hi guys & gals

I know this will have been covered loads of times before but I’m just wondering ...

Couple of links from HappyG(rrr) & CableTow



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