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Laziest things

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Jun 2019
8:38pm, 10 Jun 2019
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mr d
Walked to work at my old job and once saw the lady opposite getting in her car. As I'm approaching the office guess who's walking towards me.
Jun 2019
9:59pm, 10 Jun 2019
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Another fan of unwashed work cup. Never had a day off sick so must be ok :)

I was very lazy the other day. Noticed phone screen cover had a crack. Couldn’t remember if I had a spare in drawer. Instead of actually moving off settee and looking in drawer I looked up my order on amazon. Pack of 2. So knew there was a spare in drawer.
Jun 2019
10:06pm, 10 Jun 2019
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I regularly text teen to ask him questions because I CBA going upstairs to speak to him. I sometimes wait until he comes out of his room and passes my bedroom to ask him to get me stuff from downstairs. I should probably move to a bungalow.

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About This Thread

Maintained by Carpathius
What's the laziest thing you have seen done or done yourself?

We had no clean bowls in the cupbo...

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