heavy overpronater runs midfoot and told to heel strike ???????

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Mar 2012
6:09pm, 10 Mar 2012
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Ian M
Saint, I used the same philosophy with golf, tennis, cricket and table tennis. I've been consistently shite at them all for many years now.
Mar 2012
6:21pm, 10 Mar 2012
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Ian M
Slowmarc, I'm not surprised you are angry.

It isn't the shoes, insoles or what you wear. It is how you are hitting the ground.

Improve the skill with which you run and it will reduce the forces that you currently experience when you land and thus it will decrease chances of injury. Some injuries will go away.

That being said, learning better technique is not a cure all - you can still get injured. You still have to train sensibly and make sure you don't do too much too soon for example.

Training is all about stressing the body just enough so that it will repair itself stronger. Stress the body too much and it wil not recover properly and that will eventually result in injury.

The problem with all the advice you have had and orthotics etc is that you will be let feeling you don't know what to do and putting crutches on your feet (special shoes and or orthotics) makes them weaker and more dependent on them. You probably won't be able to simply stop wearing them over night without risking further injury.

Every change you make needs to be small and built up gradually over time to allow the body to adapt and strengthen.

I'd advise you to consult Cabletow. He's a doctor and he knows about sporting injuries plus he'd be able to help you with technique if you should choose to go that way.

Good luck and get well soon. You will get through this and you will get better. Try to just choose one way to go and stick to it and you will be fine.
Mar 2012
6:59pm, 10 Mar 2012
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plodding hippo
Saint speaks a lot of sense to me
The last time i jad my gait analysed(by saucony, the brand i have been loyal to for 10 years), they said i didnt need the same degree of moption control any more as my running style had changed

Would actually have saved me £30 per running shoe cossts

but i feel so much "safer" in the hurricanes, and thats what counts for me

Either i am very lucky with injury or theses shoes really suit me
Mar 2012
10:05pm, 10 Mar 2012
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If you are not getting injured then stick with what you have/are doing.

However, if you are getting injuries then it's worth seeking another way. Find a coach who knows about biomechanics and posture, will video you on ground (treadmills don't always give a true picture) and is able to show you what's happening when you are supporting your body weight on the ground and whether it needs improving. Maintaining good posture and making the best use of your body with gravity as you move is a good start point.
Mar 2012
10:54pm, 10 Mar 2012
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ph/saint - that's obviously a fine approach if it works for you, but that's clearly not the case here. would you just carry on getting injured if it was you or might you try to make some changes that could help?

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I went to see a sports physio today and he told me that I mid foot strike ...

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