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Exporting training plan to Google calendar

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Dec 2016
12:21pm, 7 Dec 2016
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I am struggling importing the .ics file from my Training Plan into Google. I keep getting the message "Processed zero events.Failed to import events: Unable to process your ical/CSV file.."

I know I have done this before successfully. I've looked at the contents of the file and it looks OK, I think.
Dec 2016
12:42pm, 7 Dec 2016
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I'm going to lurk here - I didn't know you could do this . . .
Dec 2016
12:54pm, 7 Dec 2016
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Using google calendar?

Export ICS training plan from Fetch using the button provided.

On google calendar, click on "other calendars" then "import calendar", select the ics file and select the calendar you want to import to and bobs-your-mothers-brother.

I've just done this and can confirm it works fine for me.
Dec 2016
1:08pm, 7 Dec 2016
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That's exactly what I have been doing and yes it has worked for me in the past.

I have found the answer though thanks to this brilliant file validator; severinghaus.org

It appeared the Description was spit across multiple lines, I think possibly due to the use of a return in the description;

"Sorry, your calendar could not be parsed.
Error: Error was: Error at line 478:Illegal property [TOTAL 9-13 MILES]
Cause: Caused by: Illegal property [TOTAL 9-13 MILES]
Context for line 478:
475: DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20170312
476: SUMMARY:13.00m - Race Pace
477: DESCRIPTION:8-15K tune up race
478: total 9-13 miles
481: DTSTAMP:20170312T120000Z"

Oddly the return seemed to disappear when I opened the entry in the plan.

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I am struggling importing the .ics file from my Training Plan into Google. I keep getting the messag...

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