Broken Ankle - Lets get motivated with what exercise we can?!! Is there anyone else out there trying not to go insane???

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Mar 2013
7:41pm, 9 Mar 2013
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Jovi Runner
I didnt break my ankle but did major ankle ligament injury about 3 years ago and had my leg immobilised in non weight bearing plaster for 6 weeks. Couldnt really do much whilst in cast but post cast I did swimming. I was advised to swim with a pull buoy to to make sure I didnt kick in the first few weeks - very hard work and certainly builds up fitness. Nothing can compensate for the running but swimming helped keep me sane. I also did some static biking - I wasnt allowed to cycle for the first 6 weeks post cast removal in case I had to put my foot down suddenly. I was encouraged to start taking walks after two weeks and to gradually build up walk length over the following 4-6 weeks. I then started a 5 minute run on the treadmill 6 weeks post cast removal and built up gradually since. It took me about 6 months but I got back to full fitness. I'd actually say I cam back stronger and the extended time of no running seemed to help my body rest and get stronger in the long term.
Mar 2013
6:24pm, 17 Mar 2013
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Thanks for all the advise :-)

I started hydro last week, and as I'm still partial weight bearing in an aircast boot. It was lovely if not a little sore to finally put full weight though the leg in the water. I have a once weekly session so that will good to try and get some range back in the ankle.

I'm struggling at the moment to get inversion and eversion and dorsi flexion - Due to the immobilisation and the metal work. Which i really need to get back to doing my fell running and circuts - Normal squat position is impossible :-( due to lack of range and the worry has started to sink in about getting back to the fells. Although physio reckons a year until I will run fell races again - With risk of early arthritis :-(

Will order the bouy and get in the pool I think, what a great idea, will run it past my physio too, tomorrow. The hand biking is getting better too, though nothing like running. Also found a place on the tissington trail that hires them, so will try and get out on the trail once I get a free weekend and an automatic car ;-)

Keep the advice flowing as always nice to know how others have coped... Will be 8 weeks post op tomorrow, so hoping for some good news after xray, consultant and physio appointments
Mar 2013
3:52pm, 18 Mar 2013
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I had an op last Tuesday on my ankle. Arthroscopy and micro fracture of the talar joint to help heal an OCD. I'm allowed to weight bear and am meant to be using crutches for balance only rather than to take the weight. So far so good. I have little swelling or pain and my balance feels fine - indoors at least. I'm looking forward to gettig back to exercise too.
Mar 2013
8:58pm, 18 Mar 2013
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Paprika, I'm still a few degrees off the full range for both dorsi- and plantar-flexion sixteen months after the event, but I've got enough movement to do the running I want to do. You might well need that extra 3-5 degrees of movement for fell running, of course. And patience, you're gonna need that too ;-) It's still early days - no really, it is.
Mar 2013
12:35pm, 19 Mar 2013
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The Juicer
Just found this thread Paprika. Wonder if we could have a day on the Tissington Trail at the Easter Break with the kids? How fast do you go hand cycling? Could I run along, or would I need a bike too?
Mar 2013
12:51pm, 19 Mar 2013
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Mrs Winkle
I broke my ankle last year - an avulsion fracture of the malleous. Luckily, it healed really quickly and was running again after 5-6 weeks. Whilst it was in plaster, I used the hand bike and did weights, and then once I was in the air cast I used an exercise bike too. Then I progressed to the cross trainer, and finally running again.

I spent a lot of time with my physio getting the range of movement back, and it took a lot longer for that to happen than it did for e to run again. I'd say it was about 8-9 months really, but I've not been left with any problems so far.

Good luck with your recovery :)

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