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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

700 miles in 2018

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7:27am, 14 Nov 2018
25190 posts

Good luck PH.

Glad foot is getting better LD.
7:46am, 14 Nov 2018
5140 posts
Mooring, everyone. Still blowy oop north - brought running gear to the salt-mine so let's see if I get to run at lunchtime...

Good luck, PH - my Battersea Park days were pre-running but I do miss playing football there.

How are you feeling today, Linds?
7:52am, 14 Nov 2018
25191 posts
Bit better, thanks :)
7:54am, 14 Nov 2018
5141 posts
8:04am, 14 Nov 2018
14889 posts
Morning peeps :)
8:22am, 14 Nov 2018
36701 posts
Morning :)

Good luck PH. luck
8:31am, 14 Nov 2018
3456 posts
Morning :-)
luck Pothunter:-)
Lovey cycling Mandy :-) I took about 5 hours to cycle thee same mileage yesterday šŸ˜‚
I have accidentally opened an email that should have been in spam :-( really cross with myself as if Iā€™d looked more carefully the signs are there.
9:29am, 14 Nov 2018
4229 posts
Oh no Ferret, hopefully it will be fine - I presume you didn't click any links?

Mooring all. Bootcamp this morning now at my desk all day :-(
9:54am, 14 Nov 2018
11167 posts
Morning :)

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About This Thread

Welcome to the 700 miles in 2018 thread, everybody welcome :-)

The thread motto is:

'700 miles is neither necessary nor sufficient'

All you have to do is run about 1.91 miles per day or 13.46 miles per week or 58.33 miles per month and take a picture when you get to 700 miles of either you or the spot you reached the target or both if you want to. And if you go under or over 700 miles nobody will mind.

Join in the chat on the friendliest thread around - all things discussed and sometimes even some running is talked about.

Next year's spreadsheet can be found here - let's fill it up

Happy running :-)

group link is here


Mileage league is here

http://www.fetcheveryone.com/training-mileagetargets-filtered.php?category=RUN&mileage=700 (roll over me to see where I go)

If you have any target races you want highlighted for 2018, send an fmail to Mandymoo Link (roll over me to see where I go) and they will appear here


4/11/18 - LazyDaisy - Guy Fawkes 5
4/11/18 - Lip Gloss - Brodie 10k
7/11/18 - LazyDaisy - Severn Bridge 5 Night Race
11/11/18- Lip Gloss - Peterhead 10k
18/11/18 - Seratonin - ST Neots Riverside Half

18/11/18 - Alpenrose - Wimborne Dental 10
18/11/18 - LazyDaisy- Newent Nine
18/11/18 - GeneHunt59 - Chelmsford 10k
18/11/18 - Lip Gloss - Fraserburgh Half Marathon
24/11/18 - Serendippily, Alpenrose, CStar - Hell Down South
25/11/18 - GeneHunt59 - Hatfield 5

2/12/18 - CStar - Mapledurha 10
9/12/18 - Alpenrose -Christmas 10k
9/12/18 - Dooogs - Stockport 10
9/12/18 - LazyDaisy - Weston Christmas Cracker

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