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Hôtel Bastardos : L'annexe de cyclisme d'amélioration

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23 May
9:20am, 23 May 2017
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I'm actually wearing Gore shorts at the moment, sort of smart baggies, if that's a thing, or maybe gentleman's touring shorts.

I'm at home, rather than work, you'll be pleased to know.
23 May
9:22am, 23 May 2017
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Angus Clydesdale
I hope you haven't got your hand in that vat of chamois cream too!
22 Sep
5:40pm, 22 Sep 2017
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Link (roll over me to see where I go)
22 Sep
5:42pm, 22 Sep 2017
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22 Sep
8:14pm, 22 Sep 2017
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Dai Bank
Although I have always been a member of BC I raced under LVRC rules and was a member and TT was always under RTTC, now CTT, as the club was affiliated.TLI was always strong in North Wales, I guess it still is.
24 Sep
11:07pm, 24 Sep 2017
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Angus Clydesdale
You're slabbed! :-)
24 Sep
11:08pm, 24 Sep 2017
12604 posts
Angus Clydesdale

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A rusty lock-up/garage/hut in the grounds of the Hotel Bastardos, we are a small cycling club and yet also a broad church.

Pull up a chair, get a cup of tea and a slice of slightly stale cake and settle down.

Welcome to the old skool. Founded 2012.

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