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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Minimalist Footwear Thread

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17 Oct
1:52pm, 17 Oct 2018
17908 posts

The f-lite 190 still exists, both as the classic (i.e. original) model and the v2. inov-8.com

While talking Inov-8, I'd also recommend the trail talon 235 - this has become my go-to ultra shoe. inov-8.com
17 Oct
1:56pm, 17 Oct 2018
13374 posts
Ta claypole, the Merrell trail gloves look good, but I know the bare access flex lasted barely 100 miles on me before the top starts going, and the uppers look a similar material. I even sowed them back together (and glued them with shoe goo) and got another 200 miles at most out.

The Xero Prios look closest to the kind of thing I've worn before, but then I had some InVivo barefoot and the lack of cushioning was lethal (and the removable soles flapped around like wet fish) and I only wear them as slippers round the house, but would not dare run in them especially given their lack of grip even on the road (and this is from someone who ran the marathon in H Streets, and that was tough, but definitely doable).
17 Oct
2:01pm, 17 Oct 2018
13375 posts
flanker - yes I saw, but at £100 plus, and I found the durability again to be suspect (although better than Merrells). The combination of my running style (I supinate wildly on the right hand side which means I often nick the right hand edge of shoes I run in, and I cannot do much about this, as it seems I have some hyper mobility in my knees) and the Cornish roads and soil seems to eat through most things v quickly. I used to buy the f-lites at 40ish pounds. I must admit I balk at paying more than 70, as 80-90 quid every 3 months could get v expensive.
17 Oct
2:51pm, 17 Oct 2018
17910 posts
I'd never buy them for full price. I pick mine up at around half price on the usual bargain sites or slightly used on eBay. Durability seems to have improved recently (or maybe I've fixed some of my poor technique). I'm getting c. 1000 miles out of a pair and I'm not exactly a light runner :-)
17 Oct
3:39pm, 17 Oct 2018
8448 posts
Sport pursuit has inov8’s in at the moment

17 Oct
3:59pm, 17 Oct 2018
872 posts
I’ve been running in altra vanish-r and while the upper seems a bit flimsy the soles seem to be lasting pretty well. As are the soles on the altra escalante - but the escalante is not minimal, just zero drop.
17 Oct
4:24pm, 17 Oct 2018
13377 posts
Ta all, so basically it's inov f-lite 195 (I do know these) vs xero ipari prio (no idea, but reviews look interesting). Review says the ipari prio is close to a minimus in feel. What are the minimus's like?
17 Oct
6:55pm, 17 Oct 2018
250 posts
I love the Vanish-R. It's ultra light and very wide in the toe box. The soles don't look like they'll last very long but I've been using them sparingly.

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