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About This Thread

Welcome to the duck thread. Here lie the 70 icons available in the Fetchiverse...
Please leave your sanity at the door, you have no need for it here...

Icons, and where available, their date of discovery:

cake pig heart blackheart choc champagne :-) ;-) :-O :-p :-(

13/12/10: duck medal gorilla kingkong panda
14/12/10: star
15/12/10: sprout snow moon bolt muppet
16/12/10: slowdownyoumovetoofast dino
17/12/10: chaffinch blueshoes death
18/12/10: dolphin run decorate cow
19/12/10: snowman
20/12/10: swim idea (subsequently updated 28/08/12) tux
21/12/10: horse bighug crab pint
22/12/10: postracesnack koala
23/12/10: luck chameleon bunny toast
24/12/10: hat
25/12/10: pram blackcat zebra kiss
08/02/11: nerd
16/11/11: ninja
01/06/12: bunting
11/07/12: bike
22/11/12: tea
25/11/12: bell
15/12/12: banana
20/12/12: gin
15/05/13: dog
06/08/13: bin
23/01/14: porkpie
02/07/14: letour
31/07/14: apple
13/07/15: B-)
24/03/16: redcard
25/03/16: fish
12/07/16: llama
09/09/16: tunabake
10/09/16: owl
25/10/16: italics, bolding, underlining, or any combination of these formats
23/11/16: lips (frankly, quite filthy: http://www.fetcheveryone.com/forum__42300__914__duck )

So, what's next? Or is it time to *stop*?

Cheat sheet for every icon as discovered 23/11/16 is here: http://www.fetcheveryone.com/article-view.php?id=536

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