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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Yateley 10K Race 2

Listed by fetcheveryone
, Yateley GU46 UK
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18 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
bw Reading Roadrunners 39:14
fetcheveryone FERC 44:00 47:19 47:19 56.89
forbesy Reading Roadrunners 52:28 52:28 55:18 51.76
Gobi Unaffiliated 33:14 36:44 40:00 37:26 73.28
Jenn Unaffiliated 48:51 48:51 48:51 63.38
johntz Sandhurst Joggers 39:57 49:13 53:07 52.70
Jonny Unaffiliated 38:55 38:55 39:53 67.65
Konaboy Reading Roadrunners 44:28 44:42 46:23 61.25
manicstreetpounder Unaffiliated 37:04 42:45 44:43 62.15
miltonfast Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 38:15 39:15 40:42 66.03
Muriel Tunbridge Wells Harriers 39:36 48:15 50:00 48:15 55.70
Nick Cook Unaffiliated 47:37 47:37 48:00 50:49 59.93
par Cove Joggers 42:43 47:24
PeterS Unaffiliated 47:00 50:55 53:15 53.76
Pov Unaffiliated 44:19 44:19 49:00 45:55 62.81
RacingSnake26 Sandhurst Joggers 40:58 42:18 43:44 69.36
ReadingRob Reading Roadrunners 36:41 40:24 39:50
Sid Sandhurst Joggers 43:20 50:34 59:59 55:00 55.65

This event is listed on these dates:

Too much has gone on since race 1 and haven't done the milage I'd hope for and a PB isn't going to happen.But I shall be trying so I can gauge my fitness level........Well pleased with that run (wtg for official time) didn't think sub 46 was on today....official time: 45.55 239th/649
Lack of training with holiday & virus took it's toll. Pleased with my effort dispite of the time. Will put the effort in over the next month to try & lower my Pb.
I might be this quick, I really only started training again at the weekend after Comrades. I have done a few runs but as I write this at 0600 on the 5th I have done 3 night shifts and my upper and lower body parts are sore from 3 days of good training. I will of course go off at 37 min ish pace and see what happens.


went through half way and Knew I was tired but pushed anyway. 6 and 7 ok but at 7 when I needed to turn and burn I had nothing last 3 ks 4:01 3:50 3:38(much worse than last month)

Good news was another sub 30 for 8K

Considering I have been on nights for 3 days and had 9hrs sleep in that time. My chest is not 100% yet. I had no energy drinks during the day and have been back in training everyday for a week I am quite happy. My legs were so sore I had to warm up and synamic stretch before the start to get some life in them.(I hate leg weight training)
Biggest difference from last month is that I was flat out trying to force it.

With a rest day and some good training behind me I think I will go sub 37 next month. I finished 36th which is higher than last month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PB - yay! Race 1 felt pretty hard, but looking back at my training log, it was totally understandable - a complete lack of longer runs left me feeling wiped out in the second half. So in the last month I've managed to do 2-3 longer runs, along with regular weekly intervals and tempo runs. For this race, I also had a much better recollection of the course, so I knew what was round all the corners, which was easier mentally. I pushed it a bit during the first half, and tried to run extremely-sub-5's. By 7km, I'd built up a profit of 2:05, and I tried to avoid giving any of it back during 8 and 9, then threw everything into it for the last km. My breathing and legs came back to me really quickly - I reckon there's another PB in there next month, if I can keep up the training (but I'm moving house!).
That race was hard!! A combination of it being very humid, sore calves, a blister & wanting to go to the loo from the off made for a quite arduous run. Will concentrate on the autumn races now.
I have not run since race 1 as I still have pain in my foot arch. Not hoping for a PB tomorrow but I'll try my best as I always do to see the clock showing 49.59 as I cross the finish line!!
Update - Failed once gain to beat 50 mins for a 10k ) : This has been my worse 10k performance for a while but I hope that a new pair of trainers will help me cope better with the pain in my foot arch which continues to bug me....
Maybe this time I will break 40 minutes!
nice and cool compared to race 1