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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Lakeside Canal Run

Listed by gray
Pirbright, Pirbright Woking GU24 UK
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8 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Beaker FERC 1:16:00 47.90
Duncs 100 Marathon Club, Bracknell Forest Runners 1:00:00 58:07 64.39
Evil Peter Andover AC 58:22 62.06
Kitty Serpentine RC 1:19:15 1:19:15 1:16:21 52.81
mjb Unaffiliated 1:15:00 1:07:10 59.27
Nick Cook Unaffiliated 1:08:52 59.22
Puffing Bertie Unaffiliated 1:23:25 1:18:00 53.22
Synthpop Unaffiliated 1:10:00 1:09:38 52.02

This event is listed on these dates:

Don't remember it being this hilly, esp at 7miles but really enjoyable, sun shone, not too hot in fact a bit on the chilly side and the canal path not too muddy. I saw mile markers at the first 4 miles then again at 7, last year only had the one at half way. Friendly marshalls as always, a good start to the year. Pb too!
Quite pleased with the time. Started too fast and suffered a bit in the middle. The distance is set as 7.45 on here as it said that in the notes but as there was an 8 mile marker on the course I'm guessing they changed their mind. My Garmin had it as 8.75 but I think it was 8.25 - 8.50.
If only I'd paid attention to the instructions I would have picked up my chip and I could see if this watch time matched the chip time. Off to read instructions for my next race now.
Puffing Bertie
That was 8.3 miles not 7.45 as stated........due to a diversion. Lovely run though and defo worth going back to do again.
Actually i did a norty thing, there was a bloke who was with me then ahead of me then behind me all the way, we had a little chat and so i was trying to beet him but i knew i had to wait till the end to make my move. Well 500mts to go and he was a good 10mts in front of me but i was closing, then as we turned the corner for the finish with 80mts to go not only did i sprint past him but i was norty and blocked him in (due to the position of other runners) so he couldnt get past me ......i felt a bit bad doing that, but i still beat him and he should have know i would do that....i am a sneeky woman after all! ;-)