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9:09am, 17 Jun 2019
5166 posts
Northern Exile
Mr Jay came calling again this morning. Getting to be a regular visitor :-)
10:08am, 17 Jun 2019
12826 posts
It took the young starlings about 15 minutes to empty the seed feeder this morning - I'm not sure I can afford to feed them and my family at this rate ;)

Barn owl out and about ~ 6.30 this morning
10:17am, 17 Jun 2019
1040 posts
Talking of emptying feeders, was at MiL's the other day, and saw this ...

1) Innocent?

2) Squirrel proof ?

He (or she?) seemed to leap across, into and out of with ease ...
10:46am, 17 Jun 2019
5167 posts
Northern Exile
That squirrel would be an easy shot when inside the bird feeder.
10:50am, 17 Jun 2019
12828 posts
(need the like button)
1:52pm, 17 Jun 2019
4557 posts
Fragile Do Not Bend
I have a couple of those feeders and thankfully our squirrel seems to be too large to squeeze through the bars.

However, he or she is making a determined effort to chew through the thick plastic dustbin I keep the bird seed in.
5:52pm, 17 Jun 2019
2096 posts
Heard a cuckoo calling yesterday. Seems quite late to me. When do they normally shut up shop?
5:56pm, 17 Jun 2019
4559 posts
Fragile Do Not Bend
I heard one yesterday as well.
6:21pm, 17 Jun 2019
2097 posts
I may have heard them in mid-June before, I can't recall. I just tend to think of them as birds of May and the beginning of June, more spring than summer birds (not that we're really getting summer weather, which may of course be connected).
6:36pm, 17 Jun 2019
1282 posts
There was a Cuckoo calling as I climbed Wansfell Pike on Saturday and I had the same thoughts about it being a bit late.

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