What Are your Club Ballot Rules

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Apr 2014
1:16pm, 22 Apr 2014
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Fenners: "As I run other marathons I never put in my rejection slip as feel it wrong to take away a place from somebody more deserving"

Why are people who refuse to consider other races more deseving than you, who so loves the distance?

I had this argument last year with club members narked that I got a club place, when I run marathons every month. I was quite happy to point out that if they are so desperate to run a marathon, then they too could enter any number of those which are on every weekend of the year, but that my reasons for wanting to run London were equally valid, if not more so when considering how different 37000 people round London is to 50 people 17 times round a lake in Milton Keynes.
Apr 2014
1:17pm, 22 Apr 2014
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At my old club, it was a rejection slip as well as being a paid up member for a minimum of six months.
Apr 2014
1:20pm, 22 Apr 2014
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My last club didn't have a ballot - the committee just chose which of their friends would have the places. We still went through the whole "hand your rejection slip in" rubbish, though.
Apr 2014
1:23pm, 22 Apr 2014
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Our ballot is open and visible to all. We've even made staff at the pub draw names before in order to keep up the pretence of fairness...
Apr 2014
1:31pm, 22 Apr 2014
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open ballot with first priority to those with a rejection slip, second priority to members who had never done it before and third priority to anyone else. I did it on a club entry in 2008, but in 2006 the club entries went unused :-o
Apr 2014
1:48pm, 22 Apr 2014
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trendy runner
Got to have been a fully paid up club member at the date of the current years VLM - so 13th April for this year.

Got to have received a rejection slip
Names go into a hat, first two out get the place, 3rd & 4th out are reserves should the winner not be able to take up the place.
Last year we had 2 places and 20 people qualified for them in the club ballot.
Apr 2014
6:14pm, 22 Apr 2014
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DeeGee, for some people, even runners, there is ONLY one marathon. For all it's fault's if you are going to run 'JUST' one marathon, the support both on and off the course is huge. Would the novice marathoner have a good experience at a smaller race. I've heard from some that even Bungay can be lonely if towards the back of the field. Surely one year I will get a place from the first ballot, I can wait :)
Sep 2014
3:53pm, 25 Sep 2014
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Our club rules are full paid up member , rejected in the ballot and then it get decided by the committee but generally down to how often you run with the club and volunteer , usually get about 5 applications for 2 or 3 places that we get allocated , quite often the runners with rejected ballots then enter other marathons elsewhere so the odds are quite high , it's how I got my place this year so if I don't get in thru the ballot I won't ask for a club place I will let others have a go and maybe put in for the year after .....
Mar 2015
3:53pm, 28 Mar 2015
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Rejection slip
fully paid up member for 12months

if you were picked out the club ballot last year then you can't enter for another 3 years

they changed the rules last year as it used to be first 2 ballot entries were for people who had never done london before and then final place was for anyone who had done london before but they changed it for this year and just put all the names in the hat
Apr 2015
10:13pm, 23 Apr 2015
First-time poster!!
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How do FERC do it?

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