Methotrexate and Running

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10 Feb
5:19pm, 10 Feb 2022
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JenHB, sorry to hear this, I hope you get some relief soon. Let us know how you get on, take it slowly!
16 Sep
10:10am, 16 Sep 2022
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The great dollop
morning fellow psoratic arthirtis and methotraxate takers !
currently on 4x2.5mg MX once a week and 25mg folic acid on all the other days.

Without the folic acid every day - i was utterly exhausted for 4days out of 7. Now take the Mx of an evening, sleep ok and then take first folic acid back about lunchtime and energy recovers ok.

Regarding all things psoratic arthritis - it was all a lot better on a high-fat/low carb (HFLC) diet (ref as recommended by my doctor since 2016 (weight melted from 13.7 to 12.2 st), but I finally went Gluten free in June. End result - massive reduction in body water retention I really didn't realise I had - and lost about half a stone - back to my fighting weight as a 28yr old (I'm 52). Previously couldn't get below 12, now 11.6.

Also have now properly stopped mustard, all onions types (especially red and raw) and garlic for the past three weeks - as it turns out these things really don't agree with me - and again even though I've been on the MX, my skin psoriosis is now making a massive clear up. They all come under "sulphites" intollerance - but I'm fine with many other foods that are also categorised with that - so this will do for now.

Yesterday out of the blue, on only really running about once a week - I went from struggling around at 8:30 min miles on a regular 4 mile loop - I flew - hitting sub.6. at points and cruising comfortably at 7:20. Bloody brilliant !

Additionally, since going gluten free - my HR monitor ( that does a full ECG - is showing significantly lower ectopic beats (I mean - almost a complete clear up) - it took about two weeks as my body clearly adapted - but there's something deeply neurological (in a good way) going on with the removal of gluten. My brain fog and flatness has compeltely gone and mentally I feel like I did in my twenties in terms of alertness and cognition. This is a revelation for me (not so sure the wife sees it that way).

Further to this - have a read about the Sinclair labs at harvard into ageing. and their research.
And on top of that I've decided started taking as a long term (9 months test) - NMN supplements.
Being well past 30 years old, the reasearch shows this is the one thing your body reduces making NIcotinamide - but you need it to stop ageing. I'm two months into this stuff, and yes - I'm feeling very good physically and long term niggles are slowly starting to ease (I had wrist surgery three years ago, and the tightness and pain has almost gone over the past two months - very strange after so long and doing no physio).

So in summary - great to find a thread and share personal experiences - and reasearch.

The gluten free thing for me has been frankly amazing. If you have similar brain fog, mood, and cognitive decline since your thirties - I'd say give it a go for at least two weeks (it really isn't difficult to swap to other carbs and alchohol!) and see how you feel then - it seems a very low risk diet step to see if it makes a difference.

Have any of you also modified your diet or supplements - and if so how and what did you find was the result ?
16 Sep
11:26am, 16 Sep 2022
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Northern Exile
Have any of you also modified your diet or supplements - and if so how and what did you find was the result ?

Hugely, I wish I had time to fully expand on what I have done as a consequence of my PSA. I'm gluten free, dairy free, egg-white free and try to restrict sugar intake as it undoubtedly has an inflammatory effect. I've been off methotrexate for about three years now and control the disease via etoricoxib, paracetamol and the occasional steroid shot in the bum. As for supplements ..... well, that's a big subject :-)

Turmeric/black pepper
Calcium citrate
Digestive enzymes when required
Liver supplement
Vitamin C 1000mg + daily

Also take a couple of scoops of glutamine daily in my recovery drinks
16 Sep
4:11pm, 16 Sep 2022
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interesting - I'm now on 25mg methotrexate (and 5mg folic acid). For the last 4 weeks I have been feeling constantly tired so have just got back from the GP. They are repeating blood tests next week (obviously they can't talk to rheumatology to see what results they have from my blood test earlier this week) - although the registrar mentioned that they are also going to be checking thyroid and other vitamin deficiencies.

In theory, I've got a deferred place for a half marathon next weekend....
16 Sep
5:08pm, 16 Sep 2022
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The great dollop
Hey JenHB - I was the same and the extra Folic Acid every day except methotrexate day managed to make a huuge difference on the tiredneess. My Arthritis nurse could prescribe the folic acid change - but I guess if your GP is now in charge try asking them for more ?

Probably worth deferring that place on that half for now...

Good luck
16 Sep
5:22pm, 16 Sep 2022
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The great dollop
Thanks Northern Exile, a very familiar list of bits and bobs there !
I do think the causes of inflammation are very individual - but some are more common than others ! - getting off the gluten for me - rather than just saying bread and pasta - has been a real breakthrough - and I've been trying to pinpoint the main problems for about 20 years (ie just after turning 30 and starting the ageing process properly!).
Will see how the cutting of the main inflammation triggers goes - the aim is to get back off the methotrexate like you and just not trigger stuff.

From my 3 months in of testing - the NMN supplement (nicotinamide - a derivative from B3) - as suggested by the Harvard Sinclair labs - seems to be making a difference too - just in my overall wellbeing and physicality - which nothing else has managed to achieve, so going to stick with my long-term trial.

as well as plenty of fermented food for the Gut Microbiome...
fingers crossed !!

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